The First thing seen at the enterance was Sega's booth, and yup, that's their new slogan right there.... you decide yourself if it's cool. One of their main promotions seemed to be on Last Bronx for the Sega Saturn, which seemed half done already. Four out of eight (nine including RedEye, the last boss) characters were playable, and their portraits were still in development.

My favorite character Krosawa wasn't in there yet so I played using Nagi (the blond girl) and won twice in a row (then lost three times in a row). The game seemed arcade perfect except for minor details and the fact that the characters seemed to be smaller (or at least way zoomed out, like VF2 for the Saturn was).

The game is being converted to the SS by the AM3 team themselves, and so far they seem to be doing good- the characters actually had their taunts despite this being an unfinished product. Unfortunately there seems to be no plans for extra hidden characters like the way the last two AM2 games did (Fighting Vipers, Fighter's MegaMix).
As for the four playable characters, they were the ones seen here in these pictures.

Sega was also promoting their new Sonic game - Sonic Jam.Although I didn't take much care in covering it, Sega announced that this will be the first time Sonic has ever been 3D rendered for the Saturn. I predict that the game will do good, but it probably won't taste good with Bread and butter.

Unfortunately I couldn't find Sakura Wars Columns at their booth, despite it being in the reference booklet. It definitely will sell though... everything with its name sells. The game has four modes: 1P mode, 2P vs. mode, Story mode and perhaps the most interestingly- Cinderella mode, where the characters fight out for the main act in the play.

Sega Logo, Last Bronx, Sonic Jam, Sakura Wars Columns Copyright Sega Co. 1997.