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-Done on 12/18/98-
King Of Fighters 98 Announced for the PSX
Copyright SNK, 1998

SNK has announced their fighter game Kinf Of Fighters 98 for the Playstation. KOF98' is scheduld for release in Spring 99'.


-Done on 12/18/98-
Tokyo Game Show 99' -Spring date Announced
Copyright Cesa, 1998

CESA( Computer Entertainment Software Associasion) has announced the Spring Tokyo Game Show 99' dates as follows-
Location: Makuhari Messe / Chiba Prefecture ( 1 hour from Tokyo)
3/19-  Press & Business Day
3/20-  Public Date (10AM-7PM)
3/21-  Public Date (10AM-5PM)

Price: 1000 Yen prior, 1200 Yen At door
-Done on 12/18/98-
Pocket Station Delayed to 1/23/98
Copyright Sony, 1998

Sony has announced to delay their new PDA- the Pocket Station, to 1/23/98 from 12/23/98 due to delay in production.


-Done on 12/18/98-
Final Street Fighter Alpha 3 Codes
Copyright Capcom, 1998

Capcom has released the final 3 codes for the arcade SFA3.
When the title screen is Blue/Cyan (screen turns color within time), input the following codes.

1- Dramatic Battle
Hold on Start and press all 3 Kick buttons when going into player select screen
2- Last boss battle
Hold on Start and press Weak Punch & Middle Kick & and Feirce Punch when going into player select screen
3- Survival Mode
Hold on Start and press all 3 Punch buttons when going into player select screen
If the title screen is not Cyan, it can be forced to change by playing the game once by going into the player celect screen while holding start.

The Dramatic Battle and Survival mode can also be played with the Playstation version of SFA3.



-Done on 12/16/98-
Fatal Fury -Wild Ambition- Information
Copyright SNK, 1998
      -Image Copyright SNK / SNK Homepage

News of the new polygon Fatal fury for the NeoGeo64 has been revealed by SNK.
The game will have 8 traditional popular characters such as Terry Bogard and Mai Shiranui, and in addition 2 new characters- a Highschool wrestler girl
Tsugumi Sendou and a Dainanryu-Aiki Juujutsu user named Touji (Fuyuji?) Sakata. (Juujutsu is the root of Judo)
Apparently the line battle system has been substituted with a Z'-axis  "move around the field" system.

The Button controls goes as follows-
A- Punch
B- Kick
C- Feirece Attack
D- Axis Change
A+B- Taunt
D when landing from attack- Quick Recovery

In addition, the series now has

1- Heat Meter
Apparently the traditional "POW" meter. The meter can be used to do counter attacks and also execute "Heat Blow" and "Overdrive Power", although the two have not been commented on.

2- Guard Destory'd
By inflicting multiple attacks on the opponent's guard, a guard break can occur.

3- Guard Impact
A method to push away the opponent while guarding their attack.


-Done on 12/16/98-
Ehrgeiz to have one additional Hidden FFVII Character
Copyright Nintendo, 1998

Square has revealed that one extra Final Fantasy VII character is hidden in their upcoming Fighter game "Ehrgeiz". While not character name was revealed, a hint of the character "Being closely in relation to Cloud" was pointed of.


-Done on 12/16/98-
Nintendo All-stars game in Development
Copyright Nintendo, 1998

Nintendo has announced a new "All-stars" game to be released (N64?)- the only thing known as of the moment is that the game will feature "All the Nintendo characters".
While it is not known as to how many of Nintendo's historical characters will be in the game or what genre the game will be, thus so far Mario, Kirby, Link, Pika-chu, and StarFox has been announced to be in it.


-Done on 12/12/98-
New Hardware Development Announced by Nintendo
Copyright Nintendo & Nikkei, 1998

In a recent interview that the Nikkei Journal ( Nihon Keizai Shinbun) had with president Yamauchi of Nintendo, Yamauchi had commented that a "new product which cannot be specifically commented on but will have much more impact than the 64DD, and will use the phone line will be released inn the market next year".

No other comments have been made other than that it will be for the home, according to Nintendo's public relations.

-Done on 12/12/98-
Extra images of Final Fantasy VIII
Copyright Square, 1998

Extra images related to the last news posted on Final Fantasy VIII are available in the Image Archives

-Done on 12/04/98-
Mario Golf 64 Announced for Nintendo 64
Copyright Nintendo, 1998

MarioGolf64 has been announced for the Nintendo 64. The game will feature 10 of the popular Mario series characters such as Mario himself, Luigi, Princess Toadstool and more. Modes such as "Time attack" and "Handycap VS" will be available in addition to "Normal play". Mario Golf 64 is scheduled to have 6 courses / 108 holes in the game. No date & price has been released yet. The game will be 128MB.
Additional clips are available in the Image Archives

-Done on 12/12/98-
"You're under arrest" announced for PSX
Copyright Pioneer, 1998

"You're under arrest", The manga drawn by the illustrator of "Sakura Wars"- Kouske Fujishima, has been announced for game conversion on the PSX.
The announcement was made simultaneously with news of the mange to be turned into a movie.
Both the game and movie will be released in 1999.
Additional Image is available in the Image Archives

-Done on 12/12/98-
New Character image for Sheng-mu Released
Copyright Sega, 1998

While advertizement on Shng-mu in Japan is in great heat at the moment, from ads on trains to Tv commercials, not much detail on the game itself has been released. The following is another rare character image for the game, but again- no news has been released as of yet to her name or who she is.

-Done on 12/12/98-
Marvel Super Heroes Vs StreetFighter EX Pics released
Copyright Capcom, 1998

Images of Marvel Super Heroes Vs Street Fighter EX has been released with minute information about the game.
The gmae will have 18 characters, which the player must choose one as the main character and another as an assistant character.
Special Original modes for the PSX version will be included as usual.

Additional clips are available in the Image Archives

-Done on 12/12/98-
Last Blade Special Scheduled for 1/26/99
Copyright SNK, 1998

The Home cartridge version of Last Blade Special has been announced for release on 1/26/99.
-Done on 12/04/98-
Additional information on Final Fantasy VIII
Copyright Square, 1998
Additional Information and Images on FFVIII have been revealed.

1- The Ragnarok
An airship named Ragnarok has been revealed. The High-speed airship was secretively built by a country 20 years before Squall's story takes place.
The Ragnarok is 108 meters long and can support up to 10 passengers, and its speed is 11.8 KM/per sec. However what should be most noted about the ragnarok is its ability to fly to outer space. The Ragnarok also has the ability to  transform.

2- Laguna Loire
Having a similar name to the Ragnarok which smees to suggest some degree of relation, Laguna was a soldier previous to becoming a journalist. Raguna's weapon is a machine gun.

3- Raijin and Fuujin
Raijin and Fuujin are noble to Seifer and works under his will.
Raijin (age 18) is a big man but however clean at heart and naive'. He is always with Fuujin although he often gets kicked by her after making her angry.
Fuujin (age 17) only speaks in Japanese Kan-ji characters (this will most possibly change in the English version) andseems like a character who is quiet and cold-hearted. However it has been said that she actually has a flaming heart.
While she looks down on most males, Seifer and Raijin seems to be a bit different.

4- Pandemonium and Seileen
Two new Guardian Forces, Pandemonium and Seelene have been revelaed.
Pandemonium is a GF of the wind. When summoned, it attacks the opponent by first inhaling them and then balsting them out in a tornado.
Seelene is a GF of the Sea. When summoned, it sings with its harp a move called the "Silent voice" which seals the enemies'  ability to use magics.
When leveled up, Seelene will be able to inflict damage simultaneously as well.

Larger pictures, Additional images and an advertizement image is available in the Image Archives


-Done on 12/08/98-
Additional Jojo Images
Copyright Capcom, 1998
Additional information and Images for Jojo's Bizzare Adventure has been released.

1- Dio Brando

The Vampire Dio Brando is apparently the last boss of the game, just as in the original manga.
Thus so far His multiple knife shots has been confirmed, as well as his book reading teleportation and stopping time.
2- Hidden Events

As hidden events two extra enemies, Ndhul and Vanilla Ice (*not* the musician, but a character from the manga) have been confirmed.
Ndhul's stage is a bit different from the usual- it is a long side scrolling stage where the player must get to him while dodging his long range attacks.
Additional clips are available in the Image Archives

-Done on 12/08/98-
SFA3 AD Image
Copyright Capcom, 1998
A Scanned image of Capcom's Street Fighter Zero 3's Advertizement is available in the Image Archives

-Done on 12/04/98-
Additional information on Ergheiz
Copyright Square, 1998
Additional Information on Ergheiz have been revealed.

The 2P color of Final Fantasy VII characters excluding Cloud and Tifa are newly created.
All of them are unique in ways as follows:

Sephiroth Appears in his Final Form of Battle back in Final Fantasy VII, with his upper half of body naked.

Yuffie appears in her prototype version, wearing a red costume instead and no leg guard.

Vincent appears in his Tarks form before the FFVII story took place.
A new artwork of his early days has been drawn for the game by Tetsuya Nomura.


Cloud and Tifa's 2P colors will remain the same as the arcade.
In additional note, A new Puzzle Panel game has been revelaed for Ergheiz. In this game mode, the player plays on an 8 x 8 panel area, and must flip the opponent's color panels by sandwiching them, similar to Othello.


-Done on 12/04/98-
Detailed information on KOF98 for the NeoGeo CD
Copyright SNK, 1998

As previously mentioned, the CD version of KOF98' will have additions different from the cartridge version.
The additions goes as follows:
 SNK 1999 Calendar
A special SNK calendar with all new illustrations will be included in all the first shipments of KOF98 for the NeoGeo CD.

Mood Check

Each character's moods can be checked by pressing the select button in both the character and order select screens.
Art Gallery

A even more powered up Art Gallery from ever before is available, with new illustrations and unused arts. The Endings demo is also accessible from this menu.
A few samples of Images:


-Done on 12/04/98-
Marvel Super Heroes Vs StreetFighter EX Announced for PSX
Copyright Capcom, 1998

Marvel Super Heroes Vs Street Fighter EX has been anncounde for the Playstation.
No official details has been announced at the moment except for a schedueld release date of  2/99.

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