Quick News --Nov 1998
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-Done on 11/28/98-
Additional character information on Final Fantasy VIII
Copyright Square, 1998

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-Done on 11/28/98-
Psychic Force 2012 Announced For DreamCast
Copyright Taito, 1998

Shots of Psychic Force 2012 for DreamCast was released together with its announcement.
There are no details on differences in the DreamCast version as of yet.
-Done on 11/28/98-
Shots from the Tales of Phantasia Opening Movie
Copyright Namco, 1998
The Opening movie for the PSX version of Tales Of Fantasia has been announced to be done in creation.
A few scanned clips are available in the Image Archives

-Done on 11/28/98-
Cart Date Set on Last Blade Special & PSX LB
Copyright SNK, 1998

The Release date of the Cartridge version of Last Blade Special (formally reported as Last Blade 2 ) is set on January 28, 1999.
In related news, the release of Last Blade for the PSX has been re-dated to the Spring of 1999.

-Done on 11/28/98-
Additional information on SFA3 on PocketStation
Copyright Capcom, 1998

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-Done on 11/28/98-
Dural Code for DreamCast Virtua Fighter 3tb
Copyright Sega, 1998

To play as Dural in Virtua Fighter 3tb's training mode, press A button + X  button while Holding on start.
Substitute the X button with Y for the Silver version instead of Gold.

-Done on 11/28/98-
Datona USA 2 Power Edition Announced for Amusement Facilities
Copyright Sega, 1998

A power-ed up version of Datona 2, Datona USA 2 Power Edition has been announced for Amusement Facilities.
The new version of Datona will include courses which has all three (Beginner, Intermediate, Expert) routes combines. The classic Hornet from Datona 1 will also be available as a car option.
-Done on 11/21/98-
Project Berkeley officially Named "Shen-mu"
Copyright Sega, 1998
Although the English spelling has yet to be announced, the title to Sega's "Project Berkeley" has been announced as "Shen-mu" (written phonetically.)
Shen-mu is said to be based on a new game system "FREE" (Full Reactive Eyes Entertainment).

Those who have purchased Virtua Fighter 3tb yesterday (11/27) would have experienced the demo in the second disk, which briefly outlines the game.
The Main character of Shen-fu; Lei Shenfa, seems to know of martial arts as in one of the demo clips, she is seen to push away men confronting her.

Also, 3 new object images from the game have been released-- all the items seem to be rather obsolete items, which  may suggest the background of date in the story.

-Done on 11/28/98-
Half set of FFVIII Pics Currently up,  More Updates in The Madman's Cafe coming soon...
Copyright Square, 1998

Half a set of New Final Fantasy VIII images are currently available. The other half will come in 24 Hours together with additional information on the game.
updates on other game news will also be available in 24H. The Jojo & Last Blade SP review will be posed in 48 H'.. hopefully.
The current half of FFVIII Game shots can be found in the Image Archives
(In the meanwhile, check the FTTF, Tifa's Tearoom , Final Fantasy 7 Fanarts and other places to kill time.)

-Done on 11/21/98-
Additional information on Final Fantasy VIII
Copyright Square, 1998

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-Done on 11/21/98-
Jojo's Bizzare Adventure and Last Blade Special Beta Tested
Copyright 1998

Jojo's Bizzare Adventure and Last Blade special came out for beta testing in Tokyo, and "Madman" Henry Moriarty was there to try them out.
Short editiorials and more Jojo pics hopelessly coming up in 12 hours.


-Done on 11/21/98-
SFA3 New Characters Information & Pictures
Copyright Capcom, 1998

News and pictures of the three new characters in Street fighter Alpha 3, Dee Jay, T. Hawk and Fei-long have been revealed. The characters have new victory poses in additional to new stage backgrounds and super combos.

Dee-Jay seems to still have all his moves and in addition, has acquired a new Super combo named Theme of Sunrise, which is a combo going diagonally into the air with rapid kicks. (note: it is not Rapid Jackknife Maximums that he is doing)

T.Hawk not obtained one but two new Supers, one named Raging Typhoon, different form the Double Typhoon in Super StreetFighter Turbo as the Typhoon attack occurs three times. The other is called Canyon Splitter, where T-Hawk does a short jump slash followed by a Tomahawk Buster.

For Fei-long, No new super combo has yet been revealed but all of his old moves seems to be present similarly to cases of the other two.

More Game shots, character illusts and larger images can be found in the Image Archives


-Done on 11/21/98-
Quick news on NeoGeo Products
Copyright SNK, 1998

The first shipment of King Of Fighters 98 NeoGeoCD version will be a limited edition,  which will come with a newly drawn 1999 SNK Calendar.

Other new games have been announced for the NeoGeoPocket and goes as follows:
Neo Derby Champ
Bubble Bobble
Passive Prisoner
Pocket Casino Series  Neo * 21
Pocket Casino Series  Neo *  Dragon's Wild
Pocket Casino Series  Neo *  Bakara
Pocket Casino Series  Neo *  Cherry Master - Release date Dec 25
Pocket Casino Series  Neo *  Mystery Bonus

Samurai Shodown for the NeoGeo Pocket has been announced for 12/25. A Limited Edition will be available simultaneously, which will come with a Crystal NeoGeo and a Strap. The Normal version will be retailed at 4500 yen, and the Limited Edition at 12300 yen.


-Done on 11/18/98-
Additional Information on Final Fantasy VIII
Copyright Square, 1998
The release date of Final Fantasy VIII in Japan has been announced as 2/11/99 
FFVIII will come in a set of 4 disks, retailed at 7800 yen 
In additional news, another new character, Quistis Trepe has been revealed.  
At age 18/172 CM, Quistis joined the Garden when she was 15, and works as the teacher to Squall and others despite only being one age of a difference.  While looking quite and cool, Quistis also has a delicate side, and is not much knowledgeable about society.  
Four additional Guardian forces have been revealed as well, two of which are new. One is Kochocobo, a small baby Chocobo which does not realize for a second on what it has been summoned for, then realzies and  attacks with Choco-fire. Unlike other Guardian Forces, KoChocobo is summoned by using a food item. The Kococobo is said to work with Sony's Pocket Station. The other is a green Guardian Force phonetically pronounced as Ketsakwatol.  This Guardian Force emits lightening and has magic enhancing abilities when junctioned. In old Guardian Forces,  Alexander is back together with Siva. Alaxander is said to give the abilities of recovery magics when junctioned.

KoChocobo = Baby Chocobo. 
Shoots Chocofire.
Alexander, similar from FF6 + FF7.
A new Guardian Force, Emits Thunder Storm.

In belated note, two other characters have been also revealed for FFVIII. One is Selfie, a girl who talks all in very basic Japanese characters "Hiragana", suggesting that she is not fully matured- however she may not be a character to be taken lighty since she is in the SeeD, meaning she must posess some level of strength. The other is Irvine, a Gunman character who seems to be lightheaded, although it may possibly be an act to cover for his true sense of seriousness.

More Game shots, larger images and Yoshitaka Amano's FFVIII illusts can be found in the Image Archives

Squall & Rinoa's Ballroom Dance Scene



-Done on 11/18/98-
Additional Information on original modes of SFA3 for the PSX
Copyright Capcom, 1998
World Tour Mode

In the World Tour Mode, the player selects one character and its ISM mode, then fights around the courses of the world, each course (USA, Japan, etc) having 2-3 stages.
By fighting, the character will level up and obtain abilities known as ISM PLUS.

ISM PLUS are the extra ISM abilities, such as Custom combos, aerial guard and Alpha counter. By obtaining the ISM PLUS, the character can use the abilities while in a different ISM mode.  For instance, a character can be in X-ISM while having the ability to aerial guard and do custom combos. Up to 3 ISM PLUS abilities can be used simultaneously.

Also, the character's balance in between Offence and defence can be adjusted inbetween fights by going to the menu screen (note power bar on bottom).  This becomes essencial as opponent strength differs, and accordingly the game screen will show a word of advice before fighting the next opponent.

Ryu in X-ISM, utilizing custom combos

PocketStation Usage
Notes on the useage of Sony's Pocket Station in SFA3 has also been revealed.

1- Select a character. 2 additional characters will automatically be selected as partners
2- Play the mini-games---  by playing the mini-games the characters will level up and become stronger (Hit points, attack points, etc)
3- Fight against the CPU or friends, win and collect the characters that the opponent has.
4- The characters grown with pocket station can be used in the World Tour Mode.

In additional note, Three of the 5 new characters for the PSX version of SFA3 have been confirmed by Capcom's Fax communications as of recent. The three are Super Street fighter Characters as previously rumored- Fei Long, Dee-Jay and T-Hawk. Special Thanks to Rolento of GPOW for the information.
More Game shots can be found in the Image Archives

-Done on 11/18/98-
Bandai teams with Sega on WonderSwan Distribution
Copyright Bandai, 1998

Bandai announced their distribution to team with Sega Enterprises in order to enhance their system of distribution to hard-core gamers concerning their new hardware, WonderSwan.  Sega will be utilizing their sub company Sega muse for the distribution.

-Done on 11/18/98-
Quick Update on Dreamcast
Copyright Sega, 1998

Due to the lack of manufacturing of PowerVR2 chips, the first shipment of Dreamcasts are suspected to be lower than expected. Many stores within Japan itself have canceled taking reservations from customers due to its uncertainty.

In other notes, Sega Rally 2 and Blue stinger have been rescheduled from 11/27/98 to 1/14/98. Sonic Adventure has been rescheduled from 12/17/98 to 12/23/98. Geistforce has been rescheduled from 12/10/98 to the year 1999.

VirtuaFighter3tb will come with an additional disk, containing a demo of Project Berkeley.


-Done on 11/18/98-
Information on Ehrgeiz RPG / Quest mode
Copyright Square, 1998

The Action RPG quest mode in Ehrgeiz has been revealed.

In this quest mode, the player uses an archeologist Masuda and his assistant Clair to search the missing secrets deep in a dungeon near the village. Only one character can be used at a time, and the two characters can be changed within the hotel they reside. The player can buy items such as magic stones and weapons (armor, sword, etc-- including FF7 Cloud's huge sword) in the village to get prepared for the dungeon. Since the weapons can break if overused, going to the Blacksmith occasionally is a must as well.

A restaurant, to obtain dungeon info from the sommelier.
Magic Shop.
Weapon shop.
The Blacksmith.
-Done on 11/18/98-
Additional Pics on Last Blade 2
Copyright SNK, 1998

Additional images of Last Blade 2 have been acquired.
In related note, Check the Entree for The Madman's Cafe's Guide to Last Blade 2

Game shots and pics can be found in the Image Archives


-Done on 11/18/98-
Secrets in Saturn's Marvel SuperHeroes Vs StreetFighter
Copyright Capcom, 1998
Hidden Characters-
Shadow- select Dhalsim while holding Start
Mech-Zangief- select BlackHeart while holding Start
SunTan Sakura- select Hulk while holding Start
USAgent- select Vega/Bison while holding Start
Mephisto- select Omega Red while holding Start
Armored Spiderman- select Spiderman while holding Start
Mech-Gouki- Select Gouki twice while holding Start. Mech-Gouki Mode must be finished first.
Mech-Gouki Mode
After seeing the Ending in Survival mode, select survival mode again while pressing L or R which will change the menu selection into "Mech-Gouki Now!".

-Done on 11/18/98-
Samurai Shodown on NeoGeoPocket Information
Copyright SNK, 1998

SNK released the following information on Smarai shodown for the NeoGeo Pocket

The game will be based on Samurai Shodown 4 for the NeoGeo. the two modes of fighting are existant as well as the three levels.
So far three modes have been confirmed- "1P mode, "VS mode" and "Hyakunin-giri mode (100 wins mode)".

More pics can be found in the Image Archives
For the line-up of characters, check SNK in the Fall 98' Tokyo Game Show (TGS) section of the MMCafe.

-Done on 11/18/98-
KOF98 Short News
Copyright SNK, 1998

1- King Of Fighters 98 for the NeoGeo CD has been scheduled for 12/23/98 in Japan.

2- "The King Of Fighters 98" scheduled for the dreamcast, has been now renamed to "The King Of Fighters"
However The title still remains tentative.

-Done on 11/15/98-
Making of   Final Fantasy -The Movie-    Announced
Copyright Square, 1998

The creation of a full CG Final Fantasy movie was announced on 11/4 by Square. Appropriately named Final Fantasy -The Movie-, At the announcement the creators of the movie, Director Sakaguchi (Vice president of Square) and Script writer Al Reinart (Scenario writer of Apollo 13, 1995) The press invited to the announcement were shown a demo movie approximately 2 minutes long. 

The Full CG movie is currently being produced by 200 staffs at the Honolulu studio. The movie is scheduled to be released around the world on the year 2001. The characters and storyline is an original completely independent from the game. The story take place on earth in 2065, where death (and life) has completely been analyzed by science. 

In the press questioning later during the announcement, Sakaguchi detailed the storyline and main female character to focus on human life, in a world where death is very close-by. Sakaguchi revealed that since the death of his mother during the period Final fantasy III (Japanese version) was created, his thoughts on the meaning of life has effected all of his works. Sakaguchi also released that the fact in which the Final Fantasy series has always been effected by movies and tried to look as one makes him very happy about being able to actually make it into a movie, and hopes to make the movie into what will have a "Final Fantasy Flavor" to it.

The Production of Final Fantasy -The Moive- will be done by Square Pictures, while worldwide distribution will be managed by  Columbia Pictures. Distribution within Japan will be managed by Gaga-Humax.  Square plans to have over 6,000,000 viewers and profit 500,000,000 Yen from distribution profit to theaters.

Other companies to participate in the project goes as follows
Amuse Inc.
Bandai Co, LTD
Dentsu Inc.
Digicube Co., LTD
Gaga Communications Inc.
Human Pictures Inc.
Square Co., LTD


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