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-LAST UPDATE 4/16/97-

If you thought that you knew all about RBS guess what---
The MadMan's Challenge #1

- In Real Bout Special, Finish the game with only one point scored! Since this may be very hard on the first try, continuing as well as saving/loading will be allowed. If you actually do finish the game with only one point, write how you did so to the MadMan's Cafe by e-mail (clicking on the lower icon, etc)!!!!

The MadMan's Challenge #2
- In Real Bout Special, Find Michael Max!!!!! If you actually do, write where you did so to the MadMan's Cafe by e-mail (clicking on the lower icon, etc)!!!!

This Challenge has been officially closed. Congratulations to those few who were able to answer the 2 Questions: you should be recieving a small reward soon.

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--BASIC MOVES------------------------------------
Combinations of the controller and buttons can be used for many moves. During fights in opposing lines it is possible to foot sweep, but also to guard any moves as well. Any controller movements done from the following is based on the character facing right upon fighting.

UP- Jump
DOWN- Duck
BACK- Guard, walk backwards
FORWARD- Walk Forward
BACK x 2 Quickly - BackDash
FORWARD x 2 Quickly - ForwardDash

A- Punch / Line Move Punch (while in a different line)
B- Kick / Line Move Kick (while in a different line)
C- Feirce Attack / Line Pull Opponent (while in a different line)
D- Line change / Change directions while in air

forward, + C Near Opponent

Line Roll- (Decreases Power meter by 25%)
back, downback, down, After falling on the ground from an attack OTHER than
Throw/Breakshot/DM/SDM. To do this Line roll, the Power meter must be H-Power or more.

The power meter can build by using special moves or Guarding.
When the meter reaches halfway, H-Power is enabled. When the meter reaches full capactiy, S-Power is enabled. If the life meter is blinking upon the power meter reaching its maximum, P-Power is enabled.

Enablement of Breakshot(Guard Cancel. Decreases Power meter by 50%) or Line roll (Decreases Power meter by 25%). The Power meter will decrease a bit if you use any of the two.

Enablement of DM. Power meter will decrease 100% upon its use.

Enablement of SDM. Power meter will decrease 100% upon its use.

RBS is a product of SNK Co. Copyright 1996, 1997.