Done on: 10/24/98
Compilated News on Final Fantasy VIII
 For the Week of  10/18
New scoops&shots have been released by square concerning Final Fantasy VIII.
The first is Squall and Rinoa's meeting of fate in the Garden's Dance party. At this time Squall already seems to have his scar from Seifer's Duel. However, the costume Squall wears during the dance scene is that of the official uniform of the SeeD, meaning that Squall was successfuly in its test.
The second is a shot of Rinoa together with Edea the witch, which makes rumors of the two having a relation solid.
The third is a new mascot character to the Final Fantasy series, called Mummba.
It's charm points are suppsoed to be its brush-like hair and tail, and likes cleaning things with its tail as a hobby.
Mummba is a cautious animal and also a bit chicken, but has a sence of duty.
By licking the blood of a person it wants to remember, Mummba can memorize the person no matter how much they grow old or change in their looks. While it lives in the desert and will possibly collide in the story as a friend, Mummba will not become a member of the party.
The fourth Is the mechanical fortress known as the Sand Prison. shaped as a drill, The mechanical prison can do into the sand.
The sand prison consists of three towers, and there is quite a distance from its top to bottom. Thus as means of transportation, a machine resembling an elevator is set up.
The Fighting System
Two new information on the fighting system have been released as well.
1- The draw system
Unlike in the demo version of FFVIII, magics which have not yet been used will not be visible in the menu-- they only become apparent once they are drawn.
2- The Enemy system
Unlike in the previous series of Final Fantasy, the enemy levels up together with the main character, thus closing the gap in game balance which occurs when the player levels up in one location prior to going further in the game. When the enemy levels up, not only does their strength power up but also their special abilities. When defeating leveled up enemies, the experience points gained will be higher than before. However the magics which can be drawn do not differ. Each enemy has a different number of levels.
In Example, this enemy levels up three times. 
In its first level, the enemy has a special ability "Power Bomb", where it picks up a player character and throws it to the ground. 
In this pic, Squall is the victim. 
In its second level, the enemy gains a new special ability "Dribble", where it picks up a player character, rolls it into a ball and bangs it on the ground multiple times giving multiple damage. 
In this picture, Zell is the victim. 
In its third and last level, the enemy gains a special ability "Shoot" where it picks up a player character, rolls it into a ball and throws it around, banging on the rest of the player characters giving damage to all the player characters. 
In this pic, Squall is flying around. 
 According to Square, there is still one more vital character to the storyline who has not yet been revealed.
News on this character may come in next week.
Also, Final Fantasy VIII is PDA compatible, with a game to raise a Chocobo.

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Final Fantasy VIII 
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