Done on: 9/25/98
NeoGeo Pocket Game Pictures & Extra Info Released
Game images and information of the previously noted NeoGeo Pocket games- NeoGeo Cup 98', Baseball Stars, Pocket Tennis, Puzzle Ace, Mah-jong, Shougi and Meron-chan's Growth Diary have been released. There are also extra images from KOFR-1 as well.
The game seems to be based on KOF97' and thus both Advanced and Extra modes are present. This means that rolling and dodging exists, and so does the difference in Power meter and stock.
Since there are only two buttons on the NeoGeo Pocket, controls goes as follows:
A Punch (tap for weak, hold for strong)
B Kick (tap for weak, hold for strong)
AB Thrust Attack
Forward or Back + AB Roll or Dodge
Down + AB POW up
Forward + Option Button Taunt
Characters to be in the game thus so far are: Kyo, Iori, Chizuru, Shingo, Yashiro, Chris, Shermie, Terry, Mai, Athena, Leona
Meron-chan's Growth Diary
The objective of the game: grow a mysterious girl called "Meron-chan" who came from the skies.
The player is to be with Meron-chan from her first year in grade school up to high school graduation- a total of 12 years.
Meron-chan will grow up to be a variety of possible girl depending on how the player goes around.
Meron-chan' variation can come in a form of a few hundred depending depending on looks, height, and profession.
In some results she could possibly become something not human..
NeoGeo Cup 98'
An action type soccer game with the World cup as background. Make original formation and use out of 3000 items to win. Versus mode is available.
Baseball Stars
A simple baseball game with a new system called "the last resort".
Pocket Tennis
A tennis game with three modes- Exhibition, Tournament and Practice.
Pick out of 8 characters to play with.
Puzzle Ace
Erase the distant targets by joining them together.
There ar ethree modes- technique based "normal game", thought based "stage clear game", and versus mode.
A mahjong game where there are always 4 players. The players can be 1 human + 3 CPUs, 2 Humans + 2 CPUs by cable or 3 Humans + 1 CPU with the use of wireless connection. There are parodied characters such as "Chonbo" and "Anpai-man".
There are two modes to play in this Japanese Chess- Normal mode and easy "Hasami" mode. Versus mode can be played with the use of a cable.
NeoGeo Pocket will be released on 10/28 at the price of 7800 Yen in Japan.
Peripherals are-
Cable: 1500Yen
AC Adapter: 1500 Yen
Stereo Headphone: 1000 Yen
Wireless communication unit: ???? Yen
More Images including a scanned photo from Famitsuu magazine of NGPocket in variety of body colors can be found in the Image Archives.
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