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Jojo's Bizzare Adventure
Announced as Capcom Fighting game
The following new and pictures have been taken out of Jump magazine, as they were the first to report on their manga's release for the arcades.
 Capcom and Shueisha Publishing have announced their project of converting the hit gothic horror manga Jojo's Bizzare Adventure (Author: Araki Hirohiko)  into a fighting game. The Part 3 of the series ( Part 5 is currently continuing) is set to be the background.
 In the original story, Jojo and his mates fight in order to save his mother's life which is being threatened by a vampire named Dio who stole their ancestor's body. Their purpose is to get to Egypt where Dio rests, while traveling as safe as possible away from assasins sent by Dio. The journey begins from Japan, flys over the Hong Kong, goes through the desert and eventually to Egypt where the fight agaisnt the ultimate form of evil finally makes an end after generations.
   While characters in Jojo's Bizzare Adventure are not fighters, "Stands (Abberviated from  Stand By Me)"-- ESPs in human form, are used as weapons to attack. Each Stand is symbolized by a Tarot card. While stands can be distinguished generally as far or short range types, each have their own distinct abilities, such as stopping time or manipulating fire.    If a stand gets damaged, its owner also gets damaged. While it was a rule in the original manga that only a stand can hurt a stand or kill it, this has been changed for the game and human flesh can actually damage a stand now.
Joster's Vane With "Hamon"
Not much info has been released on the games other than characters, but it is definite that there will be a "Stand" button which will be used control the stnad. Thus the player will be controling both the stand and its owner at the same time. For instance the stand can be used to attack while its owner runs away, or try to attack from both sides of the screen.
Attack ranges of the stands seem to match the orignal manga, and fans will recognize that the same goes for the stages.

Main Character References

The Following are the main characters. Unlike the original where the manga was centered on Jotaro, the game has can be played with and of them and there is a different storyline for each of the six characters.
Picture Name Stand Description
Kujo Jotaro Star Platinum Jotaro is the main character in part 3 of Jojo's Bizzare Adventure ( scenario that this game is based upon) 

His Stand is a powerful atacker with short range. In the original story, it ended up being able to stop time.

Jonathan Joster Hermit Purple Jonathan was the main character in Jojo's Bizzare Adventure Part 2 back when he was young, but settles for second place for Part 3.  

Joster's stand is a vine which can reach out long but is very weak in attacks. In the original story, his vine can be used for telepathic means such as locating the enemy. Joster also had a special ability other than his stand called "hamon" -a form of human engery.

Mohammad Abdul Magician's Red Abdul's Stand can manipulate fire to its every desire.  

In the original story, Abdul was killed trying to help Pornalef, but ressurected due to popular demand. Then he was killed again near the end of the story.

Kakyouin Noriaki Heilefant Green Kakyouin's Stand has long range and can shoot out projectiles called "Emerald Splash".  

In the original, Kakyouin's Stand could also control people by going inside of them, but the stand itself was weak. 
Kakyouin ended up being killed by the last boss Dio.

Jan Pierre Pornalef Silver Chariot Pornalef's stand is a short range archery fighter.  

In the original story, Pornalef's stand could take off its armor to become faster, and also shoot its sword out as a last resort.

Iggy The Fool Iggy, the dog which loves Coffee gum. 

Iggy's stand is made of sand. 
In the original story, it was thus able to  change shape into whatever form it wished. But Iggy was killed by a stand named Vanilla Ice while trying to help out Pornalef.



In addition to the 6 main characters, 4 enemy characters from the original story will come out.
These 4 characters will also be playable.
#1- Devi" Card- Ebony Devil 
In the original, the stand got stronger every time its owner got attacked. 

#2- No Card- Allsey 
A shadow stand. In the original, anything which touched it became younger and younger up to an embreo. 

#3- No Card- Anubis 
A sword with its own mind. In the original, anyone who touched the sword will get posessed by it. It never fell for the same trick twice. 

#4- High Priestess- Middler 
A stand which can turn into any mettalic figure and size of its owner's desire. In the original, its owner never got to be shown, but she has been drawn by Jojo's writier for the game. 



Additional Info:
1- The Anubis Stand will not fall for the same attack once it learns it, just like in the original manga.
2- There will be no characters from other chapter/parts of the series.
3- Pornalef's Silver Chariot will be able to take off its armor just like in the original manga.
4- It will definitely be converted for home system(s).
5- There is no Gouki/Akuma.
6- There may be other characters hidden in the game . One speculation is the Last Boss Dio, who can only live in the dark since he became a vampire centuries back. Reason of speculation: see the last picture and notice that the same stage has a noon and night change.


Jojo's Bizzare Adventure is scheduled for arcade release in December of 98'.

Kakyouin's Emerald Splash
Abdul's Flame Attack
Hopping Iggie
Pornalef attacks with his stand


Jojo's Bizzare Adventure / Jojo no Kimyou Na Bouken 
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