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NeoGeo Pocket and King Of Fighters R-1 Revealed
 SNK has released first shots of their upcoming game machine NeoGeo Pocket and their NeoGeo Port version of the King Of Fighters game news.
The Neogeo pocket comes in a variety of machine colors starting with the grey body shown below. It has unique capabilities built within, such as Horoscope and Alarm. An AC adopter is included for home play, and although the specifics have not been released,  it can be played with others with the use of the cable. The relationship it has to Dreamcast has not been announced yet at this time. The Neoge Pocket is scheduled on release for late October, and the price is set for 6800 yen in Japan.


CPU: 16 bit 
Resolution: 160 x 152 pixels 
Color: 8 Level Monochrome 
Internal RAM: 16 KBytes 
Memory Backup with Lithium Batttery 

Length: 12.2 CM 
Width: 2.4 CM 
Height: 7.4 CM 
Wieght: 130 Gram 

AA Battery (Alcaline) x 2 or AC Plug 

Internal Abilities: 
Calandar, Horoscope, International Watch, Alarm 

AC adaptor 
Headphone Stereo 



Games will be released in forms of cartiridges, which can be inserted from the top of the machine. There is no information on the pricing of cartridges,but SNK has commented to trying to make it within affordable, reasonable price.
As mentioned earlier, one of the first games scheduled for the NeoGeo Pocket is King Of Fighters R-1 (Round 1).
While many pictures of the game has been released, not much other information has been released.
The games seems to be the same 3 on 3 battle as the original NeoGeo version, and so far Kyo, Iori, Athena, Terry, Ryo and Yuri have been confirmed.
The stages in KOF R-1 seem to resemble that in KOF97, escept they have been Super Deformed (SD'ed) just as the characters.

Other games announced for the NeoGeo Pocket goes as follows:

Game Name Maker Name Genre Release Price Info
King Of Fighters R-1
(Pocket Fighing Series)
Unrevealed Fighter Late Oct. Unrevealed Port of KOF series.
Melon-chan no Seichou Nikki Unrevealed Gal Simulation Late Oct. Unrevealed Grow a girl up.
Neogeo Cup 98' Unrevealed Soccer/Sports Late Oct. Unrevealed Soccer Game.
Tennis Unrevealed Tennis/Sports Late Oct. Unrevealed Tennis Game.
Tsunagete Pon Unrevealed Puzzle Late Oct. Unrevealed Info unreleased.
Shougi No Tetsujin Unrevealed Shougi/Table Late Oct. Unrevealed Shougi Game.
Dokodemo Mah-jong Unrevealed Mah-jong/Table Late Oct. Unrevealed Mah-jong, playable anywhere.


Melon-chan no Seichou Nikki, roughly translated to "Melon's growth Diary"  is a simulation game where the player must grow up a little girl named Melon ( little girl in left hand of picture).

Shougi is the traditional Japanse version of Chess, where wodden flat pieces of chips are used to symbolize characters.

Mah-Jong is a traditional Chinese board game, played with other opponents.




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