Done on 5/09/98
Street Fighter Zero/Alpha 3 Finally Announced
Scoop Update on New Characters

 Quick Update News on Street Fighter Alpha/Zero 3
It has been reported that the Beta testing of Street Fighter Alpha/Zero 3 has taken place in
Gran' Chateau Arcade of Osaka Japan, Capcom's usual testing spot.
The game has been said to be only 55% complete so there are chances of changes to occur.
While the following has not been confirmed personally by Henry Moriarty and the Madman's Cafe,
they come from very reliable sources despite how insane some of the news may sound.

The Game system
6 Buttons, one start button. 3 Punches, 3 kicks. That seems to be the same as usual but the throw isn't.
No longer is it Direction + P or K- it is   Forward + PP    and can miss like Zangief's Screw Pile Driver as well.
Attack Recovery (not getting uot of stuns) can be done by pressing 2 Kicks if the player is on the ground, and @ Punch buttons if the player is in the air.
There is a guard crush system in SFA3. As can be seen in previous pictures, there is a meter right underneath the life meter-- this is the guard meter. If the player gets attacked the meter goes down, and when it runs out the guard is crushed. Once the guard is crushed the meter recovers but goes down a level, meking it easier to get crushed again.

The Meter System
The ISM select system previously noted allows players to select from three different ways to use the Power meter.
Simple Mode
AKA the SSF2T Mode.
The character can only use one super move which has already been designated (like in Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo)- which is more powered up than usual. Likewise the Power meter goes up when attacks are done, and when it fills up, the words [SUPER] takes its place.
Normal Mode
The normal Street Fighter Alpha meter as we have known it to be. No Custom combo mode.
The character has multiple supers. There are three levels of the power meter and it goes up
when attacks are made. But unlike previously where the number of buttons pressed equaled the level of the super executed, this time the strength of the button pressed equals the strength of the super. This means that, to do a level 1 super, the player is to press weak, to do a level 2 super, the player is to press strong, and to do a level 3 super the player is to press the fierce attack.
Advanced Mode
Not much is known about this new mode except that custom combos can be done, and they longer than in the previous of the series.

The Remaining 2 New Characters
That's right, Cody is back after 9 years. Back from 9 years in Jail, that is.
Cody comes out in a striped jailbird costume. He has specials where he can grab from the ground and throw rocks. There are knives on the ground when he is chosen, which can be picked up to stab or throw at the opponent.
Rainbow Mika (R.Mika)
A totally new character, Mika is a masked female wrestler. She has many throws, a hip attack and a special which can be enhanced with extra moves (Like Goro's special in KOF97').
As For Karin, she has one of those triple-input attacks and also a counter move.
The Following is the Previous News On Street Fighter Alpha 3.

Capcom has finally announced and released some information on their next sequel to the Street Fighter Alpha series, Street Fighter Alpha 3.
While not much about the game system has been uncloaked, most of the characters have been revealed.
There are three totally new characters in SFA3. Only one of them are known as of now.
Sakura's New Rival-  Karin Kanzaki
    A new rival to Sakura, Karin is a rich highschool with great pride. 
    Originally a character from the manga "Sakura Ganbaru" published by Gamest (Shinseisha co.),  Karin has a new costume but her background settings are the same as from its storyline.
In addition to the three new characters, four old characters from the original Street Fighter 2 series are back.
The Oldies Return
Cammy And Balrog / Vega
Edmond Honda
As for the old characters from Street Fighter Alpha 2, all of them still exist in SFA3.
In SFA3,  new system known only as the "IZM System" has been announced, but there has been no details specified about it yet.
As always The Madman's Cafe will keep on tracking down for the latest news.
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