Done on 3/21/98
Squaresoft At
-The Tokyo Game Show-
Squaresoft's Site was focused mainly on Parasite Eve. But their Newly announced game Musashiden was also present and the Madman had the chance to try it out first hand...

Once again character designed by Tetsuya Nomura, Musashiden is a 3D game which starts out like Crash Bandicoot in the beginning- the main character goes running facing the screen, walking DOWNWARDS the wall of a tower as a boulder comes falling down.
While it is action packed as much as the formerly mentioned game, Musashiden adds a touch of RPG that Squaresoft is known for, making the game create a feeling similar to Legend Of Zelda.
Although it was too short a play to see if its tricks and puzzles were as par a challenge to Zelda, the graphics are the usual good quality that Squaresoft is known for.

Several machines of the coin-op game Ehergeiz was put on display, and both Cloud and Tifa was useable. While I did nto get to play the game many times, Squaresoft actually put in voices for Tifa.
It was quite a correct decision to try the game out on press day as there was a row of people over 20 meters on public opening days.

Parasite Eve
The BIG game that Squaresoft had for display. As rumored, Parasite Eve is actually compliant to the Dual Shock controller- the analog stick can be used, however there are no shocks.  The game graphics were superb- I lived in NY all my life and those streets actually look like them back in the city. The LA team had done a terrific job on this game, they earned an applause. And they did, as the main LA staff members came to the centre stage in the Squaresoft booth.
When asked about some of their greatest problems while creating the game, they mentioned that the first six months in the beginning of the two year project was to hardest since practices between the US and Japanese teams were very different. In another situation, it was mentioned that the "wave" of the ocean's CG had a time when it looked like.... mountains.
 While Squaresoft's booth did not give away any novelty goods, they did have a prize winning contest for those whom answered their questionnaires. Their pamphlets given out during the show was very nice, and had extra goodies like character stickers with illustration such as this background.
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