Done on 3/21/98
Capcom At
-The Tokyo Game Show-
Capcom is taking new steps to broaden their horizon... but how broad can they go?
Let's Find Out....

Oshiete Fighter
While most of Capcom's booths were filled with playable displays of Vampire savior and Pocket Fighter, a very stunning news came in the form of "Edutainment software".
SD characters from the Street Fighter and Vampire Series make their presence in this game and teach kids mathematics, keyboard typing, how to use the mouse and even plays puzzles, all in fighting game style. There are eleven courses in all and the game is due out in Windows 95 and Macintosh CD-ROM. No dates or prices are set yet.
If you are wondering what in the world "Oshiete" means, it simply means "teach me".

The Generation Gap
Is Capcom taking the same steps as Namco? Together with the Dungeons and Dragons collection, Capcom announced their new line-up of classic game compilations.
Calling it the "Capcom Generation", the first of the 5 series is the 194X series which includes 1942, 1943 and a upgraded version of 1943. The second of the series is the Ghost N' Goblins series which includes the two games from the arcades and the SNES version.

The Usuals
While Capcom announced such new decisions, most of their booths were covered with fighting games. One impressive corner of their booth was dedicated to 4MB ROM games, and had a lot of Pocket Fighters and Vampire saviors. Both games looked quite exact to the arcade versions thanks to the nice cartridge.
Pocket Fighter had a new game made called "running battle" where the player must beat 12 characters in an original stage which scrolls after each beaten round. The BGM and background for this stage was totally original, and some interesting characters such as Oro was found standing around.
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