Done on 2/16/98
Updated on 3/7/98
Street Fighter
-EX 2-
Even More Details
Another new chracter for Street fighter Ex has been announced. Names Sharron, this red headed lady is a Spy. Her moves are similar to those to Blairs, such as the  lightning Knee and Sliding Arrow. Although she has a gun for her victory pose she does not use it during her fights.
Another confirmed chracter from the old SFEX is Zangief. He seems to have all his moves from the previousincluding the stomping feet special.

Arika and Capcom revealed their second character revived character from the Original Street Fighter 2 to Street Fighter Ex 2. Known as Balrog in the East hemphisphere and Vega in the West, the Spanish Ninja seems to be back with both his flying attacks and the roll claw.
In addition, two chearcters from Street Fighter EX 1 have been confirmed: Hokuto and Crackerjack.
EX2's Cracker Jack
EX2's Hokuto
Thus so far there have been seven characters confirmed in Street Fighter Ex 2:
Cracker Jack
Doctorine Dark

It seems that the Guard cancel system is still present and "Super Cancels" in which special or super moves can be comboed into another special -is also alive.
From sources external to the net, the existance of totally new chracters (not revived from the past) are also in the game. So far a "female chracter with long red hair" has been spotted by an Advertizement illustrator who had been to Arika.
Street Fighter EX 2 
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