Done on 2/15/98
Last Updated 3/7/98
Squaresoft announces
Cloud and Tifa in Ehrgeiz
Conditions of Fighting Revealed
And More Pics
In the arcade fighter game Ehergeiz developed by Namco and Squaresoft, the conditions of fighting against Cloud and Tifa has been Relvealed.
In order to meet up with Cloud and Tifa, the player must finish all 8 enemies within 6 minutes and 40 seconds.
If this is done successfully, the player will go through a Moogle door similar to the Golden Saucer's and fight against the "Guardian" Clound.....
and then the "Summoner" Tifa.
While Cloud's sword cannot be guarded, it can be caught with both hands.
And although Tifa does not have such a weapon, she does in fact have a projectile move.

News From Previous Update
In the arcade fighter game Ehrgeiz which is being co-produced by Squaresoft and Namco, Cloud and Tifa have been announced to make appearances.
Known as the two main chracters in the popular Playstation RPG Final Fantasy 7, Cloud and Tifa will come out as enemies this time around.
Ehrgeiz (speculated to be "Fighting Spirit" in the German language) is schedulted to be displayed in the upcoming AOU show this month.
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