Done on 2/10/98
Last Update 2/23/98
Official News on RBFF2
More Additional Photos Obtained, Rumors solved
Obtained by personal and external resources, here is a compilation of even more news and from the latest AOU show.
Info on the Line Battle
The line battle is appearently back to what it was in RBFF- one fighting plane in the middle and two dodging planes in the front and back. Except this time, the chracter in the dodging plane can guard unlike in RBFF. This would explain why the gamer was called RBFF2 instead of RBS2. Also, there are no "Out of Bounds" like in the previous RBFF.
Info on the New Characters
Li Shangfei- A Chinese fighter using Chinese Martial arts.
Rick Strowd- A Native American Boxer.
Unconfirmed infos on the Game
The following news have been obtained by others who went on the AOU show and word out in the streets and arcades. Although the following infor have been obtained from very reliable resources, this is not information confirmed by the Madman's Cafe itself and thus the MMCafe cannot be credited nor be responsible for misleading information.
In addition to his Middle and Upper counter he now has a lower counter. His Airborne throw is now a special.
Has a new throw SDM in which he throws the opponent into the air and then blasts them away. Seems to have lost his Jaei-ken. His DM hits both planes.
Li Shangfei
Basically a speed fighter. Has a DM in which she rushes forward a long distance quickly. Her SDM is a throw where she bum rushes the opponent.
Rick Strowd
A Boxer type fighter. Seems to have an unguardable move.
Has a new special kick somewhat resembling Kim's heel kick. Has a Snake arm that's as quick or quicker than 97' and a double conter with a hand that hits like 97' as well.
A fair amount of changes. Has a new DM where she rolls forward and throws when in range. Can do her mary spider from the air.
Has a new SDM where she kick the opponent in the air and rushes them to the sky. Also has a new special where she swings her fan from top to bottom (see pic from pervious update)
Seems to have many of his special move graphics renued. Like Amano in Last Blade, Hon has a taunt counter.
New Dragon Projectile SDM- see picture from previous update.

Geese vs Krauser
Laurence vs Franco
As it was first rumored, Geese Howard is Back in Real Bout Fatal fury 2. Also to be confirmed is that all the previous chracters from Real Bout Special are in RBFF2.
Unlike what was rumored about the plane system, RBFF2 will not be a single plane game- it will have a new 2 Line system which has yet to be told in detail.
Also, RBFF2 will be the first game to break the 500 Megabit line (KOF97'- 460MB, Last Blade-474MB).
Joe vs Billy
Cheng VS Duck
Zinagfei vs Terry
Terry vs Rick
B.Mary vs Mai
Bob vs Kim
Sokaku vs Tung
Hohn-fu vs Yamazaki
Chonrei vs Chonshu
Rick vs Terry

The Follwing is previous news on RBFF2.
Only a few days after SNK's announcement of Real Bout Fatal Fury 2, a picture of the actual game has quickly been obtained.
As can be seen, the game seems to have the same graphics as its previous sequel, Real Bout Special. Although having similar graphics to RBS does not necessarily mean that the game will use the same engine, this also links against rumors of the next Fatal Fury being ported to the NeoGeo 64 and well annihilates any rumors that it will appear as a 3D polygon game. It has been oficially announced that RBFF2 will be on the MVS, not the Neo64.
 All the characters from its previous in the FF sequel -RBS, are in the game.
Thus far, there have been two new characters confirmed- Xiangfei and Rick. Xiangfei seems to be a Chinese girl without any weapons (dresses and has a name similar to a particular character in Tekken3), and Rick seems to be short and not so young, has Grey/Silver hair but is muscular.
Real Bout Fatal Fury 2
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