Done on 1/18/98
Pulstar 2
Renamed and ruturns as
Blazing Star
The long awaited sequel to Pulstar, Pulstar 2 has finally been revealed. The game is created by Yumekobo and has been renamed to Blazing Star.
The only controls used in the game are the A button, B button and the control lever. The A button is used to shoot.
If pressed rapidly, a special shot called "Rapid shot" can be executed, where the shot is stronger and has a wider range. This can be powered up to 3 levels with the use of items.
If the A button is held, the shot can be charged up for a "charge shot". The maximum limit of charge can be raised up to 4 with the use of power-up items, and depending on the level the strength and duration of the shot changes. If multiple enemies are destroyed with the charge shot, the number will be shown right above the Power gauge.
After a charged shot has been released, the B button can be pressed to do a "Charge Break Shot". When this is done the charged shot will disperse into multiple shots, and attacks a wide range of enemies. When this hits the enemy, points earned will be doubled.  But when this is used the power meter cannot be charged for a while.
There are 4 different fighter planes.

An all-round fighter. Being an average plane with useful shots, going through the game is not that hard but gaining points is another question. 

From the top-  
4 Way Shot (Normal shot) 
6 Way Shot (Rapid Shot) 
Death Flame (Charge Shot) 
Hell Burst (Break Shot) 

Has a very unique charge and break shot but gaining scores is easy. 

From the top-  
Lazer (Normal shot) 
Lightning Bolt (Rapid Shot) 
Sword (Charge Shot) 
Sword Field (Break Shot) 

A fighter with shots that have a wide range. 

From the top-  
Wave Shot (Normal shot) 
Tidal Wave (Rapid Shot) 
3 Way Spread (Charge Shot) 
Homing Shot (Break Shot)

A fighter which cannot power up at all. Very fast and is meant for the pros. 

From the top-  
3 Way Shot (Normal shot) 
6 Way Fire (Rapid Shot) 
Holy Flare (Charge Shot) 
Devine Breath (Break Shot)

There are 7 Stages in the game. Here are introductions to the first three stages.
Stage 1
A stage consisting of Forests and Deserts. As the first stage it is a great place to practice, and many weak enemies come out of hatches.
Stage 2
Inside a space colony. Unlike the space colony in the previous game, it give a more mechanical feeling than a bioorganic atmosphere. But in the end a bioorganic boss does come out after all.
Stage 3
Even deeper into the space colony. Numerous amounts of enemies comes out of the hatches at the bottom.
Blazing Star
Copyright Yumekobo 1998