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King Of Fighters Kyo
More details on KOF Kyo has been released. This game which is plaeed for the spring of 98' is being created by SNk and Yumekobo. The mian character is Kyo and basically all the characters related to KoF97' will be in the game, and some totally original characters are in the game. (And some sub-original characters such as Kyo's  mother will make appearances as well.)
The main object of Kyo in this game is to find teammates who will fight together for the KoF97 tournament. Depending on the results of his fights and how he reacts to others, Kyo will end up going to different places, and as a result end up with different teammates.
The Story is split into 5 Episodes- The prologue where Kyo decides to travel, then the Japan Episode, Asia Episode, America Episode and the KoF97' Episode.
Prologue Episode
After the KoF96 incident Kyo was back to his old usual life. As a youngster by the name of Shingo came to Kyo for some teaching, Kyo decided to have fun with him to kill time. But in this peaceful time three thugs come up to Kyo and tell him to hand over a invitation card which Kyo does not have to begin with. Puzzled by what it was all about, Kyo goes home to find his father Saishu holding a familiar card to a familiar tournament...
Japan Episode
Told by his father to bring a letter to Aoshi Kusanagi- Kyo's relative who is as good as a brother to him, Kyo ends up learining from him about the fate of the Kusanagi clan. As an unescapable fate of the clan, the Kusanagis who fight will eventually gain the soul and shape of the demon until  eventually their soul gets eaten by their anger. 
  After hearing this and going away, Kyo meets up with Aoshi's sister Aoi who challenges a fight thinking that her brother retired from fighting to let Kyo inherit all of the Kusanagi's Fortune. After the fight, Aoi vanishes, leaving Kyo to search out for her and the moves she tried to use against him... the moves of the Orochi.
Asia Episode
Kyo was not the only person to be caught in the plot of the Orochis. Kyo's girlfriend Yuki also disappears, and gaining info that she may already be out of the country, Kyo leaves for China. Once there Kyo meets Robert and Yuri. With Robet's web of information, Kyo learns of a suspicious mountain in China and decides to go there.
  But what Kyo and company finds is not Yuki waiting for them, but two  intensely strong men- Yamazaki and Yashiro.  While Kyo worries for Yuki's safety, more mysteries begin to appear...
 America Episode
As Kyo goes to America, he meets up with Terry and Andy. Togheter they return to Southtown which seems to be abnormal more than usual. With the help of Blue Mary, Kyo finds out that Billy and Geese are causing trouble in the city again, but this time aiming for a specific drug company. Kyo decides to uncover the secrets of the drug company, and a new adventure takes place.
 According to the Illustrator who had drawn all the 50 plus characters and more, the game was planned for over a year. While some characters may look the same as from the original game, other characters may have a bit of an arranged look. For instance. Athena has a bit of a perm on her hair, Kensou looks a bit like Chris, and Saishu is not  in his "Hakama" with the long sleeves, but a rough looking t-shirt.
King Of Fighters Kyo
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