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Marvel VS. Capcom
-Clash Of SuperHeroes-
Capcom finally made an official announcement on their "Versus" sequel, Marvels Versus Capcom.
All the characters in this game are from Marvles and Capcom's past, either popular or minor -some are not even from fighter games. There are 15 mian characters in which 8 are from Capcom and 7 from Marvles.
Capcom Characters
Ryu  -Street Fighter Series
Chun-li -Street Fighter Series
Zangief -Street Fighter Series
Morrigan -Vampire Series
Captain Commando -Captain Commando Game
Megaman (Rockman) -Mega/Rockman Series
Strider Hiryu- Strider Hiryu Series
Jin Saotome- Cyber-bots
Marvel Characters
Captain America
War Machine (IronMan Series)
The basic game system is the same as Marvel VS Street Fighter. In addition to the two playable characters, an additional third character can be selected for the "Super Partner Assistance System". The third character cannot be used as a palyable character and can only be used to assist for a limited number of times, but they can be chosen out of 20 special characters, ranging from Capcom's Ghost and Goblin's Aurther to Marvel's Jubilee.
Some other sub-characters that seem to be in the game are-
Thor, Cyclops, Storm, Iceman, Rogue, Psylocke, Juggernaut,  Colossus, Captain America.
The Fight Intro seems to be renewed as well. Here Shawn is Seen together with Ken, both of who is not in this game. New characters also have new intros and new specials- for instance Hiryu, who comes from the air with a etectronic hover and has a new Super Combo called "Ragnaroc" in which images of himself attacks the opponent from multiple directions. Old characters seem to have gotten new moves as well- for instance Zangief, who now has a Level 3 HyperCombo "Ultra Final Atomic Buster".
But perhaps the most major addition to Marvel VS Capcom is the new Variable Cross system, where the player can use and control two characters at the same time on the same screen. Not only that but the Super Combo is unlimited while the Variable cross is lasting. Both players can do this at the same time, which means that there can be all 4 characters fighting it out.
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Marvel VS Capcom
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