Done on 12/21/97
The King Of Fighters -Kyo
SNK announced their decision to make a Playstation only game, The King of Fighters Kyo.
Having the same name as the manga series which  was written in the late Haoh Magazine (Koudansha Publishing), King Of Fighters Kyo for the PS will be an adventure game. The character illustrations will be done by the same artist ans the manga series, Yujin Natsumoto.
Unlike the original manga which took place between KoF95 and KoF96, the game will take place between KoF96' and KoF97'. There is no date scheduled for this game at the present moment, nor any word if the game will be converted to English.
In the Original KOF Kyo manga, The fight between Kyo and Rugal first takes place, which Kyo slaughtering him to literal death. While many third parties try to learn the secret of the Kusanagi, Yagami and the Orochi's relations, Vice and Mature succeeds to make contact with Iori.
Due to fate caused by Athena, the three end up promising to fight with Kyo in a band competition. But unfortunately the competition never takes place because of the unexpected arrival of Goenitz who scrapes off Mature and Vice, then Crucifies Iori...
All Pictures In This Article Are From The Manga, King Of Fighters Kyo And not The game.
The King Of Fighters Kyo
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