Done on 11/23/97
bushido Blade 2 Announced
Squaresoft Announced their sequel to the hit series bushido Blade.
The Story of bushido Blade 2 is based on the ending of the previous game. In bushido Blade 1, members of the Meikyou clan- an assasin's group, tried to escape from their group and fought for their lives. At its ending, the "True" enemy, the "Sha-in" clan was revealed.  Thus is bushido Blade 2, the fight of the two clans take place. So far 6 characters have been announced, three of each per clan.

The Meikyou Clan
Age: 29 | Weight: 90 KG
Born: Okinawa | Power Fighter
 Escaping to New York after the internal war of his clan, Kannuki was summoned to help in a fight by Mikado, another survivor of the internal war.
Tatsumi Takeshina
Age: 17 | Weight: 65 KG
Born: Hiroshima | Balanced Fighter
Becoming even better at swordsman skills via the previous battle, Tatsumi was told of a new danger bringing his Clan to its heels and thus returns to fight for it.
age: 23 | Weight: 59 KG
Born: Kyoto | Speed Fighter
Although a Miko (Japanese Nun), Mikado saw that her clan was losing its power because of its internal battle, ad thus called upon others to help her bring back the power the clan once had.
The Sha-in Clan
Gengoro Narazu
Age: 57 | Weight: 80 KG
Born: Hiroshima | Power Fighter
A true swordsman right to its loyalty, Gengoro always felt the need to bring justice and revenge to the Meikyo Clan which had disgraced his ancestors. Seeing the internal war of their rival, Gengoro finds this as an opportunity to erase the Meikyou clan from existance.
Narazu Kaun
Age: 21 | Weight: 73 KG
Born: Kyoto | Balanced Fighter
Gengoro's adopted son. Because of his coolness Narazu finds no interest in the clan's war, but fights for the sake of his father-in-law.
Kotomura Jo
Age: 18 | Weight: 57 KG
Born: Tokyo | Speed Fighter
Kotomura, a daughter of a fish monger, found interest in the art of swords and learned her skills from the Sh-in Clan. Thus togher with the skills, she also gained the same ideas the clan had.

Basic Game System
The game system for BB2 has been majorly changed when compared to the previous bushido Blade.
There are 6 weapons this time:
Japanese sword (balanced sword)
Japanese long Sword (Long and strong but slow on recovery)
Broad Sword (Heavy and very powerful- slow in both swinging and recovery)
Long sword (Quick and Speedy but not powerful)
Naginata (Japanese spear, long and powerful but weak in short range)
Spear (Longest Weapon in the game. Used for stabbing, not slicing)
Front And Back Sword Positioning
In BB2, there are two different ways of actually holding the sword- front positioning and back positioning.
With the front positioning, the sword is helf normally for standard attacks. In Back positioning, the sword is held sideways with a twist to the hand so a un-straight attack can be made. This also holds true to defences as well.
Body Positioning
In bushido Blade 1, there were 3 body positions: Upwards, middle and downwards. In BB2, the upwards and downwards still exist but the middle position has been changed to a new position excluisve for the "back hand" position. There is also a new double-handed sword position which can only be used by the Miekyou Clan, and a 'Iai" position where the fighter places his sword in its holder and quickly lashes it out for maximum strngth (can only be done by the Sha-in Clan).
Other minor details have been changed as well, such as the dash wich is different depending on the character, the attack deflector which can now be done in 4 directions, and the sword clinches which are now much easier to see who at a weaker position.

bushido Blade 2
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