Done on 11/23/97
Tamagochi Gains Sex
Scheduled for release in December, Bandai announced their new Tamagochi line-up, "Male Tamagochi" and Female Tamagochi". By growing up the Tamagochis and breeding them by using the top hatch on the actual toys, new Tamagochi characters can be bred. Also, a Gameboy version of this Male & Female Tamagochi is under development for release in January of 98'. This new Version of the Gameboy Tamagochi will be a bit bigger than the normal gameboycartridge, as the game will come equiped with a built-in clock and voice chip. With these two new additions, the Tamagochi cartridge will call for its master even when the game is not being played.
Tamagochi "Ossu-chi and Messu-chi"
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