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Gekka No Kenshi
More Details Revealed
SNK has revealed the Character details, story lines as well as the basic controls to their next game release, Gekka No Kenshi.

Basic Gameplay
Game Controls
Up Jump (Short jump can also be done)
Back Walk back,  Guard
Forward Walk forward
Down  Crouch
A Weak Slash
B Fierce Slash
C Kick
D Parry
Forward x 2 Front Dash
Back x 2 Back Dash
Back + A Short Range Weak Slash
Forward + B Long Range Fierce Slash
Forward + C  Fierce Kick
Start Taunt
With the Fierce kick, the opponent will be blown against the other side of the screen.
The New D button Parry is similar to the sword reflecting counter in Samurai Shodown 2, where if the player parries the opponent's attack, the opponent will be stunned for a short moment. On the other hand if the player misses the parry, there will be enough time for the opponent to make an attack. It seems that there is a different parry for both crouching and standing attacks at the moment.
It also seems to be possible to attack opponents on the ground, but not much has been said about this system yet.
System Selection
In addition to the new parry system in Gekka, there is also a Game Mode selection.
But unlike the game mode selection in the Samurai Shodown series, the mode selection does not determine only the character's special moves. The modes selection is made to determine if the player wants to have the selected character to gain a "Power" based fighting mode or a "Technique" based fighting mode.
In the Power based fighting mode, the character will be able to make strong attacks, while in the technical mode the character will be able to do many combinations. There also may be different specials for the two modes.

The two worlds which existed from ancient times, the human world and the Under world.
These two distant worlds have been connected from the past by the Gate of Hell, guarded by four deities who must always stay in the shadows of history.
As time passed and 200 years from the reign of the Tokugawa Government, people began to fear as their shallow world of peace quickly faded away with the rumors of the resurrecting Demon. The long peace which had taken place not only pressed greater fear amongst the people but also took away the swords and samurais, leaving  almost no hope.
But not all hope was lost. There were still those with hope and hearts of fire.
...And there were those with lust for the Demon.
Thus the last of the fighters began their journey, to learn and finish whatever destiny awaited for them.

Kaede "Shining Soul"
The main character. Although he usually looks too young to be called an adult, when he wakes up to his power he quickly becomes full of power and confidence.
Found and brought up by a swordsman, Kaede grew up with Moria and Yuki, both of whom were as good as family to him. Having mysterious powers, it was not rare for him to surprise them, as well as himself.
At the age of 12, upon returning from an errand Kaede and Yuki found Moria standing in front of the corpse of their teacher, the swordsman.
Kaede who respected Moria for his Swordmanship but more as a brother, quickly saw his world crash behind him and attacked Moria. Moria did not even try to dodge and was slashed, then left the Dojo behind without a word .
 Five years later, Kaede decides travels to learn the truth to what had happened that day by seeking out for Moria, and getting revenge for his adopted father.
Moria Minakata "Moon Destiny"
Not much is written about this character except that he is truly talented in Swords.
Moria was born with excellent talent in swordsmanship and was accepted to learn under a respected swordsman. It was only a few years later that Moria excelled even the swordsman. Moria respected the swords man also for the fact that he was given not only sword skills but also a family. But one day when Moria was 17, he quickly realized that he was standing in front of the dead body of the man he respected most.
Five years later, Moria travels to pay for his past, and thus journeys to seek whatever is waiting for him.
Yuki "Anxious White"
The only Non-Oriental character in the game. Uses a spear instead of a sword.
Yuki lost her parents in an accident when she was very young. Picked up by the same swordsman who found Kaede, she found the three to be her true family.  Feeling a complex with her different look from everyone else, her new family conforted her and she quickly began to learn swordsmanship to become equal to them. Due to her lack in strengh, she picked up the arts of spear and became a master at it.
But her happiness soon came to an end at the age of 13 when the incident happened and everyone split. Five years later, Yuki decides to go on a journey to learn what really happened that day and to find Moria, to who she always had hidden feelings.
Hyou Amano "Romancing Wanderer"
28 years old. A playboy who loves to live life as it is, Amano's three food groups is Sake, Women and Fighting. He seems to always carry a Shougi (Japanese Chess) piece and a stick.
From his usual "professional's house", Amano looks out the window and rarely for him, sighs.
"What's wrong? You're just not yourself lately."
"You see that Sakura tree? Look at it, its pedals are all falling off. ...I bet that there's someone out there who doesn't know how what's needed to enjoy life."
Amano then stands up, getting ready to take a walk.
"Hey where are you going?" asks the professional lady... as Amano replies,
"Out to Bust some ass, baby."
Akari Ichijou "Magical Little Girl"
A girl still only 13 year old, Akari is a summoner of spirits and already as good as anyone else. Has K9 teeth, an Osaka accent and likes to study English.
The Ichijou clan has always been working in the security/guarding business, usually as an observer.
One day, Akari was told by her father to go observe the Gate Of Hell and bring back a report. But Akari, quite forward in doing her  job, decides not only to go check out what is happening but also to finish off whatever may be happening.
Juzou Kanzaki "Big Heart"
26 years old. Fights with a giant iron rod and bases his attack on power. Although not family, he lives and leeches off the Ichijou family since he does not have a home of his own. About two meters tall, talks in Kansai accent like Akari.
Like every day, Juzou was looking for a way to kill time in the Ichijou family's house. But this day was different from other days. After hearing a few footsteps Juzou was hit in the head from the back by Akari and the next thing he knew, he was being forced in a  journey to check out the Gate of Hell with her.
Keiichirou Washizuka "Sword Wolf"
28 years old. Washzuka is a member of the Shinsengumi, a group which is true to Japanese history and can be thought to be one major factor which determined Japan's modernization into the current era.
Washizuka's fighting style is based on technical single hits, and he believes strongly in the arts of Samurai which has been forgotten by many people by this era.
After finishing his job as a spy, Washizuka is given his next assignment to research the Gate of Hell. Thus Washizuka begins his journey to learn what is happening there.
Shikyoh "Living Nightmare"
34 years old. Shikoh not only has one sword, but two nasty looking ones. He was perviously a member of the Shinsengumi but with a different reason from Washizuka's: he just wanted to go on a killing rampage. It did not take long for the group to figure out his true reason of joining, and Shikyoh escaped before they could prosecute him.
The Gate of hell and the rumor of the Demon's resurrection did nothing to Shikyoh but make him want to kill even more. But for Shikyoh it meant nothing to kill commoners; what he really wanted to massacre were a preys that fought back well so that it would satisfy his quench for good blood. When a mysterious man appeared in front of Shikyoh and told him that there were prey to be found, it was eminent for Shikyoh to accept the offer.
Lee Rekka "Oriental Justice"
20 years old. The First SNK character to use Shoulin Martial Arts. Unlike most other characters in the game, Lee is from China. His weapon seems to be a fan, but uses it a bit differently from Mai Shiranui.
Lee learnt his martial arts in a land different from Japan. Seeing a bloody red shooting star fall in the East, Lee felt that an evil presence was about to resurrect- a force so strong that it would eventually affect his country as well.
Thus Lee decided on a journey to travel east to a foreign land, to stop evil from spreading anywhere in the world.
Zantesu "Last Ninja"
A 52 years old Ninja. As a ninja he has tricky moves and unique moves such as multiple projectiles from the air and reflectors. Moving only in the shadow of history, many of Zantetsu's fellow ninjas deceased in wars and when Zantesu realized, he was the only remaining ninja. As Ninjas were quickly becoming the thing of the past, Zantetsu tries to prove that ninjas are the ultimate warriors.
"There is no one stronger than I.  No, there cannot exist such a thing..."
His voice faded into the darkness just like himself, and where he stood there was another corpse. The fighter who foolishly considered himself to be the strongest was no stronger than a new born baby in the hands of Zantetsu.
"No, this doesn't prove my strength at all..."
In other words his present action was just a "normal murder", not a challenge to the death.
As Zantetsu searches for a proof of his strength, he hears to rumors of the Demon's resection and travels to find the Demon, hoping that its death will be the final proof of invincibility.
 Okina the Genbu "Fighting Hermit"
128 years old. Okina is known as "The Genbu", one of the four guardians of the Gate of Hell. Although he has retired, he is strong enough to defeat 243 fighters in one time.
Year ago Okina was assigned the job to guard the Gate of Hell because of his excellent sword skills. Normally a peaceful man who likes to fish, five years ago, a boy named Kaede came to Okina's place. Okina taught Kaede all he knew about swords, and Kaede quickly learnt up to a point where he could even defeat Okina.
But one day, Kaede decides to journey away. Okina was not stupid enough to realize that it was without reason, and decides to follow Kaeda, slowly but steadily.
Shigen Naoe "Iron Tiger"
36 years old and huge enough to be called a giant. Also one of the guardian of the Gate of Hell. Although usually quiet and peaceful, Shigen was sealed off by his best friend and ever since his seal had been opened, his anger bursted in flare.
A roar of vulgar shaked the air as Shigen's seal was broken since 10 years. For ten years he could not move a single finger, and he finally stood up. Shigen felt his muscle powered up more than twice before he was sealed, and his muscle burst in anger. Inside his anger and pain, Shigen's control over himself was of no more. The only thing left in his mind was revenge towards a name... a name that echoed in his head all ten years.
Note: Since the game is still in development, there may be minor changes when compared to the final product.
Gekka No Kenshi
Copyright SNK Co. 1997

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