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Parasite Eve
More Details from Prologue
Squresoft has revealed even more news and pictures of the opening of Parasite Eve.

On Christmas Eve, Aya Brea and her boyfriend went out to see the Opera. Aya, perhaps feeling the presence of events coming up, was somewhat reluctant to put her foot in Carnegie Hall but was pursuaded by her boyfriend to do so.

In the Middle of the stage, an opera actoress named Melissa Pearce had her first big chance to play the main role as a witch in a setting of a witchcraft trial in Medival Europe. Melissa being especially weak to sickness, always relyed on drugs to keep her body intact. But perhaps because of her new medication prescribed from one month ago, as Melissa's eye color changes from brown to green, she gets posessed by another personality which calls herself Eve.

As the Witchcraft trial progresses and Melissa is sentenced to death by flames, it was the other actors instead who flared in sudden combustion. As the combustion spread around the spectators as well, Aya and her borfriend were one of the few who did not flame up.

As Aya went to the center stage to arrest Melissa who was now Eve, it becomes apparent that Eve knew Aya prior to this encounter.

From here, the player must follow Eve in the back stages of Carnegie hall. The following are two scenes which were not shown in the last coverage.
Another Enemy?-
No, it's one of the remaining actors.

Melissa's Waiting Room-
Aya finds out about her physical problems.

The two meters on the bottom right of the fighting screen has finally been revealed. The red is the life meter, used as the same way as other Squaresoft games. The second blue one, although it is not clear how exactly it will work in the final version, is a "Mitochondria gauge" which indicates how much the Mitochondria is posessing Aya's body--- if the meter reaches full capacity, she will be totally posessed by Eve, so it is better to have the blue meter low.
Also, although there seems to be no indicator for it at the moment, there is a limit in the number of bullets, and the player must find and reload to use the gun.

Parasite Eve is scheduled for release in the Winter at Japan, but no date has been announced for the release in other countries yet. Also interesting to note, the modeling CGs of each main characters have been adjusted to make the characters more realistic.

Parasite Eve
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