Done on 9/28/97

AM Show Quick Report &
Bombshell on Street Fighter

On 9/18-21, the 35th AM (Amusement) show hosted by JAMMA had taken place.

One of the main attraction in this time's AM show was Sega's next Virtua-On game which now plays on the Model 3 with 12 characters.

SNK's Samurai Shodown 3D was in exhibit as well (refer Here for characters on the game).

Another one of the attraction was a fighting game created by Squaresoft in partnership with Namco.

But perhaps the most surprising exhibit was Capcom's section, with the announcement of Street Fighter EX 2 and already an announcement on their next sequel to Street Fighter 3- Second Impact. Although the Howlin' Mad -H- was not there in person, it seems from pictures that Chun-li will be one of the characters to be added in the sequel.

AM Show
JAMMA Association 1997


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