Done on 9/28/97

Details on KOF 97' for
The NeoGeo CD Revealed

SNK decided on threrelease of their hit game King Of Fighters 97 for the Neo Geo CD to be relased on 10/30/97. Here are the specifics to what will extras will be added.

1- Demo Cut
By selecting this mode, the character select screen will be simplified for light load and the order select will be done in the same light screen. Such extras like the performances before matches will be cut off, as well as storyline demos. Of course there is also a way to play the game just like the arcade, with no cuts in demos.

2- Demo gallery
Similar to KOF96' and AOF3, once the game is finished by a team, their demos & endings will be able to be seen from the main menu.

3- Art Gallery mode
Over 60 clips of never before seen rough sketches and artworks of characters in their daily life will be added to this CD version of KoF97'.

King Of Fighters 97
Copyright SNK Co. 1997


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