Done on 11/3/97

Even More Details on KOF 97'
For the NeoGeo CD Revealed

Already out in shipment, more details on SNK's hit games, King of Fighters 97' has been revealed.

1- Changes in Demos
As previously noted, to lighten up the load time the character order select can be done in the same screen where the characters are first selected.

Also worthy to be noted is the fact that even in the normal mode where the character order mode is not in quick mode, the poses each team member makes is different from the arcade and home cartridge versions.

2- Loading Screen Graphics

Perhaps not as detailed as the previous KoF96' loading screen, the KoF97' loading screen includes embossed images of the characters to come up and fight.

3- Illustrations & Extra Endings
The CD version of the game will still have the same additional endings as the Cartridge version, such as that of Yakazaki, Choi and chang. Also, the CD version, as reported before, will have additional never before seen 65 extra clips of illustrations.

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King Of Fighters 97
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