Done on 10/15/97

Sega Reveals
Virtua Fighter 3tb

Sega revealed some specifics on their coming upgrade of the Virtua Fighter series, Virtua Fighter 3tb.

#1 -The major difference from the previous VF3 is that the game can be played with multiple characters for each player, thus the "tb" abbreviation being "Tag Battle". More on this will be announced later.

#2- The next major change is the size of the fighting rings. In the original version some of the stages such as the iron steel rooftop and the subway station which were considered too small have been enlarged over 1.5 times its original size.

#3- The Escape buttton which had regulated use in the previous version is to be more useful this time around, one reason being that the homing of attacks against the escape will not be as effective.

#4- In one player mode, the angle of the screen view can be changes in four ways-: normal, fighter's view, vertical sideways and bird's-eye view.

Virtua Fighter3tb
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