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-Toshinden Next-

Anounced very quickly from Takara, The next in the Toshinden game series will be called Toshinden Next. It has not yet been revealed if the game is going to be a prelude to Toshinden 4, or if it is going to be based on a totally different perspective.


Kaede was the previous Uranus until she was killed off due to her marriage with Gaia, which may have endangered the clan. She is the mother to Elis.
(Note: Uranus is actually the name given to one person in the higher position in the Gerad clan leaded by Master.)

Kain's Father. Not actually blood related to Kain, Amou had adopted him after killing Kain's father by orders of the Gerad Clan. Later in life Amo gets killed by Sho; Eiji's big brother.

Duke Lambert, who at the time of this game is only 15 years old. Duke gets into a close relationship with the Blond Uranus up to a point where they are almost lovers, but quickly learns to hate women as he realizes that she actually has an affair with his father.

Nal's Father
A scientist working under the Gerad clan, Nal's father went against their will and ultimately escaped from the clan together with Nal. He was killed as he tried to defend his daughter from Kain who worked for the clan. After killing her father, Kain adopts Nal as his daughter.

Gaia, the father to Elis and husband to Keade. 3 years before Toshinden 3, Gaia plotted to overthrow the blond Uranus from controling over all of the Gerad clan and begun to seek for fierce fighters; and thus the Toshinden tournaments begun.

Twin sister to Kaede, Akane does not hide her anger against Gaia who was powerless to stop her sister from getting killed. She once tried to become the legal guardian to Elis, but failed.

Cupido, Uranus & Chaos
Cupido was the only person that the Gerad clan's "Master" ever trusted his heart to. But the present Uranus due to her jeousy and ambitions to dominate the clan, plotted Sho to beat Kupido and succeded and has not been seen since.

The present Uranus. A very ambitious lady, Uranus used her friend Chaos and erased whoever came in her way and eventually climbed to the top of the Gread clan, holding actual control over the whole clan structure.

Madly in love of Uranus, Chaos was taken advantage by Uranus and when he was of no more use, became a guenie pig for her human experiments which evidently lead to his loss of sanity.

Also included in the game but not specified on the top is Master and a new character yet to be revealed except as "the one who came from the future".

From the characters synopsis, it seems rather safe to presume that Toshinden takes place prior to Toshinden 1.

Toshinden Next
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