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Capcom Announces
Pocket Fighter

Capcom announced specific information on their upcoming SD (Super Deformed) character game featuring hit characters from their fighter games, Pocket Fighter.

In this game, 7 of the 10 characters are females while the other three (Ryu, Ken & Zangief) are males. Unlike Capcom's usual fighting games, Pocket Fighter only uses 3 buttons, "Punch", "Kick", and "Special". The "special" button is used for guard crushes and super combos.

In addition to a Super combo meter, the Gem system somewhat returned. Like Marvel Super Heroes, the game involves the use of Gems which powers up the characters-- except this time it is not Gems from the Infinity Gauntlet but gems from Puzzle Fighter, and they power up special moves instead of giving different abilities.

There are 3 colors of Gems, each with 4 levels of strength. The power bar on the bottom of the screen corresponds to each of the gems, and by stocking up the gems such moves like Ryu's Shoryu-ken, becomes powerful. There is also a "Rainbow Gem", which is equivalent to getting all the gems plus more.

Another interesting aspect of this game is that the characters all have unlimited guard crush abilities. There are three kinds of Guard crushes, and when they hit the opponent spits out a Gem, corresponding to the three colors. There is, on the other hand, a guard cancel counter which can be used against opponents who keeps on abusing them.

Other than the Super combos, there is a move called "Mega Crush" which is an invincible attack that consumes both the super combo meter and gems.

The most interesting aspect of the game perhaps, is the new chain combo system currently named the "Flash Combo" system, which makes the characters walk forward and change costumes while attacking. Unfortunately it only hits 4 times.

Pocket Fighters
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