Done on 9/17/97

Capcom Announces
Private Justice Academy

Capcom announced their decision to create a Polygon fighter game ever since Star Gladiators (note: Street Fighter EX was created by Arika, not Capcom).
Not yet announced for any release outside of Japan, the name of the game is "Shiritsu Justice Gakuen", which can roughly be interpreted as "Private Justice Academy".

In this game, 12 high school students (4 kids from 3 different schools) and two teachers team up by two and battle it out to find out the mystery behind the Private Achademy of Justice.

Apparently the game does not let characters change during rounds like Marvel SuperHeroes VS Street Fighter-- the teammates can change only when the round finishes.
But like MSH VS SF, it is possible to do chain combos both on the ground and in the air, as well as have your teammate come out temporarily to help out.

There is no word on when the game will be out, and if it will be imported to the US as well as other nations.

Shiritsu Justice Gakuen
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