Done on 4/30/97

Zelda 64 Enemies Ressurected

Pictures of Zelda 64 were released since quite some time now. The basics of the game still do not seem to have changed- you have a sword, a shield, the object is to get the TriForces, and you fight on an island named Hyrule. The C button can be used to change the view, just like in Mario 64.There is now pictures of Link actually shooting his arrows, and pictures of two enemies which old players should remember by heart.

This one is called Octarock, and it was the thug of thugs, appearing in just about every corner of the game.

This next enemy is called the WallMaster, and it didn't care where you were, as long as you were unlucky, it would grab you and take you to the neterance of the dungeon you were exploring.

The MadMan's Cafe will update more on this stories and pictures on the days to come, so watch out!

Zelda 64 is a product of Nintendo Co. Copyright 1997.


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