Done on 4/30/97

Neo CD Version of RBS -EXTRAS-

SNK took effort and included many extras in the NeoGeo CD version of Real Bout Special, and we're not just talking about the loading time graphics here.

First up, there is an "Original mode" option where the game gets even more challenging with two new features. The first feature is a semi sudden-death mode where the characters fight with either the S-POWer on from the beginning, or without half their life. This happens in a fight after the player taunts 5 times per match.

The other addition is a CPU challenger consisting of a kid, master, foreigner and a girl. The girl looks a lot like Billy's sister Lilly, but her name is Marina.

The last addition is a slideshow gallery with Blue Mary singing in the back. This can be seen after the staff credits in the endings.

King Of Fighters 97' is a product of SNK Co. Copyright 1997.


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