Done on 4/30/97

Samurai Shodown RPG Delayed Until 6 /27/ 97

For the third or fouth time SNK's long awaited Samurai Shodown RPG has been delayed again. There is no word on what is causing the delay, but perhaps to make up for it SNK is rumored to add in "something extra" for the Neo Geo CD version. Wether or not this is going to to be the lost Kyoto Scinario is unknzown.

On new news for the SSRPG, although the number of frames isn't comparable to the Fighting game itself, the characters actually move well in the battle screen, even while they are in neutral position just standing up. Special moves and DMs (Death Moves) can be done in the battle screen as well, but most interestingly the characters can go into a sword clash with the enemy, one-on-one just like the fighing game. One of the more interesting enemy must be Antoinette, who appears with a Guilottine stuck in her neck.

The game can be played with six main characters: Haohmaru, Ukyo, Genjuro, Galford, Nakoruru and Cham-cham. Each character is voice dubbed by the original actors and actresses so they talk in events. By finding others a party of three can be formed to fight together. When it comes time to stop the game for the day, the Kuroko can be used to save the game until the next play. Other characters like Jubei, Hanzo, EarthQuake, Gen-an, Zeiger and Basara also comes depending on the scenario.

Note to Neo Geo CD users: turn on your Neo CD machine at least once a month or so. Since the Neo CD doesn't use a battery to save its games, there will be a chance that you will lose all data if it isn't turned on to replanish once in a while.

Samurai Shodown is a product of SNK Co. Copyright 1997.


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