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Sakura Wars 2
Report From GameShow

The following is information on Sakura Wars 2 from a personal friend of the Howlin' Mad -H-. This report is from the Autumn Tokyo GameShow that had taken place at 9/6/97.

The following is mopstly quoted, with editing for new readers to understand.

Anyway, I visited the Sega booth, and they had the Sakura Taisen 2 game demo (intro?)... looked nice.
Then, there was the event with Tomizawa (CV:Sumire)/Chisa Yokoyama (CV: Sakura) and Ouji Hiroi (director of Sakura Taisen series)... there was a "near riot" for that show. I was one of the lucky people who got the ticket to sit in the front... (2nd one to get the ticket, and got the very front row, middle spot... Chisa and the others were only 2meters away from me!)

Anyway, there were some talks about the last Sakura Taisen concert event, etc. but the most inportant of all 9for you guys is, I guess) is how the Sakura Taisen 2 is going. well, here it is;

(What Hiroi -san (director) said at the stage)

CG: 80% done. Will be done soon.
Animation (within the game): should be done around Dec., hopefully.
Finished recording Songs all 12... (or was it 14?? or 17??? can't remeber... I was just too happy to get the best spot in the house, didn't pay much attention to what they were saying.)

Also there will be the fan disk (part 2, I guess) comming out in Nov. 30 (I think that was the date, 4800yen 9(about 48 bucks). 2 disks this time. Contents of this disk is (Disk one) mini-games, radio DJ thing, etc. (Disk 2) Digest version of the hanagumi concert (Hanagumi Kouen)

As for the Sakura Taisen 2 (Sakura Wars 2 game), they plan to have 3 disks.

Hiroi-san said that he hopes to have the disk out in Spring, just when the Sakura (Cherry-blossoms) are in bloom... ^_^ (I hope so too ^_^;... hopefully, it won't get delayed...) He also said some people are dropping on the floor from over work at Sega (to make this game ^_^;... I don't know if they are joking or not... maybe half-serious?)

As for the stage, Yokoyama-san did the "Sumire imitation"... was funny! and some random talks as well... it was short. All that effort in getting that ticket for just few mins. of show!

Hope this interested some of you guys ^_^

Sakura Wars 2
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