Done on 9/17/97

Vampire Savior 2

Capcom has already announced official news on a new version of their Vampire series, Vampire Savior 2.

The greatest difference from the previous version seems to be the return of three old characters, Pyron, Phobos and Donovan. Each of these three characters have major changes, such as having a new dark force, renewal in their moves, and new storylines.

Unfortunately some of the characters in the series were not as lucky. In place of the three new characters, Sasquatch, Aulbath and Gallon (J. Talbin) have disappeared. As for the remaining characters, some minor changes have taken place and they are more balanced out.

For the fans of the three characters who have disappeared, all is not lost. Near the same release date of Vampire Savior 2, a renewed version of Vampire Hunter 2 (Dark Stalkers 2) is scheduled.
Basically the same as the original Vampire Hunter 2 which appeared in the arcades in 1995, the game has some arrangements of Vampire Savoir, like the life meter system and the dark force system. Although the game does not have the Savior characters (Jedah, Lilith, BB Hood/Bulleta, Q-Bee), it does have the three characters who have disappeared plus the same three characters who appears in Vampire Savior 2 (Donovan, Pyron, Phobos).

Vampire Savior 2 & Vampire Hunter 2
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