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Samurai Shodown 3D
Storylines Released

Twentey years or so ago, a man named Yuga took the babies out of
a number of pregnant mothers and cast a spell on them, then releasing them back to their mother's bodies. As these babies grew up, they became grown up with intelligence and high abilities, either famous or infamous. The grown up babies later were visited by Yuga, who in front of their faces unsealed the casted spells by showing them an ancient doll show. Those who were unsealed could not take the pressure, and either comitted suicide or went insane. This was not Yuga's intention, for he seeked for a body he created which was strong enough to retain the unsealed spell. By using a n innocent baby and two bodies which is strong enough to hold the spell -one man, one woman, Yuga will be able to ressurect the Dark Lord --the prime objective of Yuga.

Game Controls A- Guard B- Weak Attack C- Fierce Attack D- Dash There will be Two fighting modes per characters like the previous games, and two colors per character. The game's stages can be moved around in 360%, but the presence of dodging, rolling, how to do kicks is not yet announced.

Shiki Born as one of Yuga's babies and stolen her soul, she is told to find a man fit to become the perfect body for the Dark Lord's ressurection. Finding Haho-maru to be that man, she follows him for a chance to take him away to the Dark side.

Hanma Yagyu Working as a guard for his lord, Hanma saw his master going berserk after a puppet show. As the lord's young princess gets worried about the lord's situation, Hanma goes out to seek a cure, not knowing that the princess who likes him is folloing him.

Haoh-maru As Haho-maru travels around, he notices that he is being followed by a mysterious lady. Haoh-maru, before he even notices, becomes a part of a plot of ressurecting the Dark Lord.

Genjuro Kibagami Again on his way to kill Haoh-maru, a wholly unfamiliar looking enemy stands in his way. Killing his way to Haoh-maru, Genjuro's journey continues.

Ukyo Tachibana With his loved one Kei married, Ukyo had nothing better to do than to live life without meaning and wish Kei the best. Then one day it came to Ukyo's attention that Kei's pregnancy lost its baby. Ukyo, for the sake of his loved one, rises one more time to seek out the reason.

Sougetsu Hazama As an assasin, Sougetsu is not to question the reasons why he kills the target. But this time his boss had a horrified look on his face and Sogetsu made it his business to find out why. As he learnt that the target was a Puppet entertainer, Sogetsu's face showed a cold smile, and went out to do his work.

Kazuki Hazama After faking his death to the ninja clans, Kazuki lived a quiet peaceful life with his sister, but news of a puppet entertainer reaches his ears from the outside. This reminds him of his father who disappeared after an encounter with a puppet master. Thinking that a hint to his father's disappearence may be ther, Sogetsu goes on a journey to find the puppet entertainer.

Nakoruru In an eternal sleep within nature, Nakoruru is awaken by an evil force which sweeps abourm the world. Thus she goes on another journey to finish off the ultimate evil.

Rimururu Rimururu feels an evil force changing the world of nature. In order to stop nature being polluted by the evil forces, she rises to fight in place of her Sister.

Hanzo Hattori Searching for missing babies, Hanzo hear of a Lord who went mad and learns about a puppet master being involved in both cases.

Galford Feeling the evil air and finding that it needs a little tweaking of Justice, Galford rises to fight off the evil that has yet to show its true identity.

Samurai Shodown 3D
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