Done on 9/1/97

SNK's New Samurai Fighter
Gekka No Kenshi

SNK has announced a new type of 2D Samurai Fighting game for the MVS system, Gekka No Kenshi, not yet translated into English.

not much is known about this game yet, but the game takes place after the fall of the Japanese Govenment (Tokugawa Govenment), and can be thought to be more realistic than the Samurai Shodonw series.

The same staffs from the Fatal Fury and Art Of Fighting are working on this game. According to Yuji Matsumoto -the chief of SNK's production team #1, the game is said to deal more with the seriousness of death, unlike the Samurai Shodown series which has characters who seem to fight without one sense of fear... and moreso characters who seem to have nothing to do with samurais.

The game is not yet scheduled for release, but is on the works to be appearing in the US as well.

Gekka No Kenshi
Copyright SNK Co. 1997


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