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More pictures of Parasite Eve has been released together with extra information on the game.

Parasite Eve takes place in New York's Manhattan Island on Christmas Eve. As Aya Brea gets invited to an Opera at the World Famous Carnegie Hall by her boyfriend, the Opera takes a mysterious turn as one of the singers burst in sudden combustion.

As she follows an actoress who calles herself eve, Aya enters the back of the stage and finds herself attacked by mutated animals, known at this time as NMCs (Neo Mitochondria Creatures) which seem to be controlled by Eve. Eventually going into the sewers, Aya fights even more mutated rats. What will become of her?

As mentioned previously, Parasite Eve takes place in Manhattan, NY. Such hot spots like the Central Park and China Town will appear in her journey, and perhaps becuase of Eve, they seem abandoned even though it is Christmas Eve.

One key to the game seems to be a child... a child Aya knew from somewhere. A child who left her sneaker behind in the cold winter Central Park.

Also as mentioned in the previous coverage, the fighting screen will not change when the enemies appear on the screen like Final Fantasy 7. Also as interestingly, Aya will not have other characters fighting together with her like most other RPG' party systems.

According to an interview done with the gam'es designer Koji Tokida, the game was fairly influenced by BioHazard (AKA Resident Evil), and thus will have the same essence of fear, and something more special to make the game even more thrilling-- with the use of an idea first introduced in SquareSoft's game 3 - 4 years ago. Although this "addition" is still a secret, it is said to make the game give a different sense of thrill from that when the life meter is going down... a kind of frightening feeling that comes with using drugs-- that it is scary but also feels good. (Note: Kids, don't do drugs to experience his remarks! Adults too!)

Parasite Eve
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