Done on 9/1/97

Street Fighter 3- 2nd Impact
Giant Attack Announced

Less than half a year after the release of Street Fighter 3, Capcom has already created an upgrade of the game.

This time called Street Fighter 3 - The 2nd Impact, the game is back with two new characters, Hugo "The Bloody Iron Giant" and Urien "The henchman of revenge".

Not much is known about these characters at the moment. All the other characters are still present, and as an addition, Yun and Yang are now totally different characters.

Most characters will have additional special moves, but more particulary there are two new systems in fighting- the Personal Action system and the EX Special system.

The EX Special system is similar to that from the Vampire series. When a POW meter stock is present, instead of doin the usual Super Arts moves, a character can do a Deluxe version of a special move by pressing two attack buttons (Punch + Punch or Kick + Kick).

The Personal Action system is not yet clearly defined, but is said to be moves/actions which distinguishes each characters from others, although the command for this will be the same for all characters.

There is not date set for the game yet. At the current time there are 5 new backgrounds.

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Street Fighter3 -2nd Impact
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