Done on 6/28/97

Samurai Shdown RPG
--Differences Between Consoles--

Already in sale, Samurai Shodown RPG has been released in Japan. Despite its loading time argued by game critics, one of the peculiarly unique feature in this game is the difference it will have between the three consoles under which it will be playable, namely the Neo Geo CD, Playstation and Sega Saturn.

First up, the Playstation version of the game has a sidestory for characters that are not the main 6. This seems to be a feature after the game is finished, and adds on per game-clear of a character.

Secondly the Sega Saturn version has a Q & A section (presumably after the end of the game) with the Kuroko and Caffine Nicotine as hosts. There are also Snapshot artworks available only in this Kuroko & Nicotine talkshow.

For both the PS and SS versions, the game will proceed explanitorialy throughout, meaning that there will be explanations in and between the storyline since there may be beginners to the Samurai Shodown world. Also, guarding, dodging, swaying & etc during the fights will be done automatically by the computer.

But perhaps the Neo Geo CD will get the last laugh after all the rumors of the game never being released. The special feature of the Neo Geo CD version's SSRPG is an extra scenario featuring Shizumaru as the main character. This scenario will use special graphics not included in the Playstation and Saturn versions, and guest characters will make appearences as well. Just who are they? Check out the title picture and the one above this paragraph. Unlike the other two versions, the Neo CD version's fighting screen is totally manual, thus the dodging, swaying, etc is all up to the player. There is also some other additions to the fighting mode, such as POWering up and sword-clinching.

Samurai Spirits RPG Copyright SNK Co. 1997


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