Done on 4/08/97
Final Fantasy 9 Already on the Works!
Squaresoft of Japan recently announced their decision on creating a sequel to their hit series Final Fantasy. What took most of the waiters by surprise is that, Squaresoft did not announce the desision on creating Final Fantasy 8, but took a step further and annonced the desision on making Final Fantasy 9.
Final Fantasy 9 is said to be fully rendered to have a "CG-Movie" look. Wether this means the game will be totally pre-rendered and turn into an interactive movie is still to be seen. SquareSoft announced that they will begin work on FF9 together with the opening of their new building in Honolulu, Hawaii in this coming May.
All works on FF9 will be done in the new building and is expected to be completed by the year 2000. In the meanwhile Final Fantasy 8 will be created back in Japan where the main office exists.
Final Fantasy is a product of SquareSoft Co. Copyright 1997.