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SquareSoft's Parasite Eve Exclusive!

SquareSoft's latest announcement to the Playstation is their RPG game named Parasite Eve, based loosely on the original Japanese Novel. The basic plot of the original novel was that the Mitochondria in the human body had its own mind since 100,000,000 years ago, and planned to take over the human race. Although this same plot stays true for Square's game, most other parts of the story are totally different. To add more to it, the game takes place in New York and the main character is a blond lady cop, unlike the original which took place in Japan between a Japanese scientist couple.

Here is a glimpse of the Storyline:

Christmas Eve, 1997. In Manhattan, New York a rookie Cop Aya Brea was enjoying Opera with her boyfriend. All of a sudden, the actors blazed up in sudden combustion. In the middle of all the actors and audiences screaming, running in fear was one actoress standing in center stage. It was Aya's natural instincts telling her that the actoress was the culprit, and thus Aya stuck her gun at her. But the actoress only looked at aya, and cited "I am Eve".....

Character Profiles
Name: Aya Brea
Job: New York Police, 17th Precinct Age: 25 Height: 160 CM

The main character. When young, Aya lost her mother in an accident and thus decided to become a cop... but is still a newbie. Having Daniel as partner whose age difference is almost about a father and daughter, they argue often but a make a great team.
Name: Kunihiko Maeda
Job: College Professer Height: 170 CM

A professer from Japan who studies medicine, it is Maeda's nature to study too hard and often forgets to go home for even a week. Of course he has no wife or relationships. From an experience he had a few years ago, Maeda began studying Mitochondrias...
Name: Daniel "Bo" Dollis
Job: New York Police, 17th Precinct Age: 42 Height: 180 CM

Known for his reputation as a excellent cop who never ever gets a promiton, Bo's wife decided to divorce him after years of frustration. Currently still working as a cop on the streets, Daniel works to feed his 8 year old child. He is also Aya's partner and father figure.

Although not much has been told about the game yet, here are all the informations announced so far:

1- Main Producer is Nobuo Sakaguchi,
The famous vice- president of SquareSoft Co. who has always been the backbone of the hit series Final Fantasy. It also seems that he actually planned this project from the beginning, being a great fan of the original Novel.

2- Project Staff consists mainly of that from Final Fantasy 7, And Character Design By Teteuya Nomura.
The same designer from Final Fantasy 7 who created Tifa Lockhart and all the others is doing the character design for Parasite eve. But this time all the characters look a bit more grown up and serious, un- SD'ed .

3- SquareUSA/ LA in charge of Computer Graphics
Like Final Fantasy 7, most backgrounds will consist of pre-rendered CG, and the game will have Full Motion Video (FMV) as well. The Digital Artists will even include staffs from the hit movies "True Lies" and "Apollo 13".

4- Fighting system is New ATB

The Active Time Battle System adopted in Final Fantasy since the Super NES/ SFC era will be used in Parasite Eve with some new additions. One change already announced is the smooth trasition from field or movie screen to the fighting scene without the change of the screen.

According to Director Steve Gray and Kouji Tokida (who is responsible for the scenario & events), The staff consists of about 70 workers, in which 30% are Japanese and the rest are American. The program is done about 50-50 Japanese & Americans, while the original pictures are drafted from the Japanese, created into CG by both Japanese & Americans, and checked by the Japanese team. According to Art Director Darnel Williams, Parasite Eve will have even more movies than Final Fantasy 7. All the tourist sites [AKA Landmarks] of New York are scheduled to be in the game.

The game is scheduled to be released in the winter time in Japan this year, and has a high possibility of being released in the US around the same time as well, according to a member of the SquareSoftJapan team.

The Cafe' as always, will keep an eye for updates on the game .

Parasite Eve [Novel] Copyright Kadokawa Publishing 1997

Parasite Eve [Game] Copyright SquareSoft Inc. 1997

All pictures in this site are CGs from the game, excluding the artworks by Tetsuya Nomura and the Parasite Eve Logo.


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