Done on 5/09/97

PlayStation's King Of Fighters 96'
Scheduled With Many Enhancements

To follow up on the PSX version of KoF96' previously mentioned in the cafe', here is a quick glimpse of extra additions to the game.

First up, there is the "Private Mode", where the commands of special moves are visually explained. This will prove to be very useful for first timers and old players alike, since characters such as Kyo have many different moves with commands that changed since KoF95'.

Next, the Playstation version has a music sound mode where the BGM can be heard , just like back in KoF95'. Some BGMs have very strange titles, such as Geese's "Geese ni Katakori" .....????

Third, there is a playstyle mode, where special moves can be done with a touch of a button. This addition was also seen in the Saturn version and can be proven to be very... cheap, since hold-down moves like Leona's phton ball can be done one after another.

Last but not least, there is a "Max Mode" where the game can be played with the MAX or SuperMAX meter flickering on at all time.

(PS- It has nothing to do with Goentiz' taking a bloody leak.)

Thus Playstation Users have something worthwhile to look out for, while KoF97' is almost out in the streets...

King Of Fighters 96' is a product of Co. Copyright 1997.


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