Done on 5/09/97

Norimaro Now Official Street Figher Character
It has been confirmed that Norimaro is officialy in the upcoming arcade game Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter. The following is an old article covering Norimaro. Skip it if you'd like.

Modeled by a Japanese celebrity from the group known as the Tunnels, Capcom Co. created a new character Norimaro.

Norimaro starts out taking a picture of the opponent..........

and fights like a wuss.

In his taunt he asks the opponent for an autograph, and in his Super Combos he either throws a bunch of equipments (like compasess, chalk board erasers and Megaman's head).

The other super combo consists of massaging his father, doing his homework, playing around on a big ridable car toy, singing Karaoke, and playing around with figurines.The original celebrity Noritake was motioned captured for this event, and did the overdub of voices himself.

Marvels SuperHeroes vs. Street Fighter is a product of Capcom Co. Copyright 1997. Marvels Copyright Marvel Comics Co. 1997


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