Done on 5/08/97

Sakura & Dhalsim Appear In Polygons

Just after a month or so since the arcade version of Street Fighter EX Plus has hit the streets, Capcom & Arika (the company which actually created the game) announced their progress on already beginning to convert the game to the Sony Playstation.

The arcade Ex Plus had all the middle bosses useable as well as Garuda, Akuma and Bison (bosses), but also evil Ryu and Evil(?) Hokuto hidden inside. Of course the Playstation version will have the same extra characters, but what's more, Sakura and Dhalsim have been added to the game.

Arika plans to convert their moves perfectly from their 2D counterpart games, but also has been complaining about how difficult it is to fit all the data into the PlayStation's memory.

No release date has been scheduled for this game yet.

Street Fighter EX Plus Copyright Capcom & Arika 1997.


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