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Done on 6/26/99-   King Of Fighters 99- Collation of Beta Test Reports    Copyright SNK, 1999

Correction: Clyzarid was spelled Krizalid 
For more information and the preliminary moves list, Check the Entree section for KOF99. 
The Following are beta test reports collated from numerous testers in NeoGeoLand of Osaka, Japan. I Henry Moriarty (Madman) myself was not in Osaka at this time, but if time allows I will beta test in Tokyo. Meanwhile, enjoy the following beta test reports from other players, and also check the Entree section for SNK's preliminary release of the character moves list. Please note- while the reports are very reliable, the Madman's Cafe cannot take responsibility for the reportings. 


Weak Punch 
Weak Kick 
Fierce Punch 
Fierce Kick 
Call out striker 
Counter Mode 
Armor Mode 
There are two colors available per character. 

Other members are not on the screen while waiting. 

The Power Meter  
The Power stock emptys on a loss and does not continue on to the next character. Howerver the Power meter builds up very quickly compared to previous in the series -executing a combo can fill up a full bar.  

Order select  
Unlike previous order selects where the player used the controller to pick who to choose first, second and third, The character orders in KOF99 are just picked by buttons. 

Striker System  
Strikers return back within due time or when getting hit. Players can juggle the opponent at time if the striker hits the enemy in the air. Not much has been reported on this system as of yet. 

Counter Mode  
By stocking 3 meters and executing by ABC< the player can go into Counter mode for a limited time. 
During the time ther player will get- 

Unlimited DMs. 
Dodge attacks can be canceled into special attacks. 
Normal specials can be canceled into DMs. 
DMs have a lag before coming out. 
Armor Mode  
By stocking 3 meters and executing by BCD, the player can go into Armor mode for a limited time. 
During the time ther player will get- 

No tick damage when guarding 
Will not stop motion when hit by opponent (super armor, ie: Goro's super from 98) 
Dodge attacks have the CD button blast effect 
DMs cannot Be Executed. 



A few characters is reported to have lost projectiles such as Kensou. 

She is now short haired. 

Has Kyo's "Dash and Grab" -Kotozuki attack. No flames. 

Huge lag after KOF96' version DM attack. Has a DM version of a counter attack now. 

K' seems to remain still as the initial K', and is not Kuniharu Nikaidou as most have anticipated on. Moreso, K' uses the power of flames and not light. Has a version of Kyo's projectile that doesn't fly. Likewise many of his attacks resenble that of Kyo, but his movement is reported to resemble Iori. His DM is a combo like Kim, and can do tick damage over a guard likewise as well. K' seems to be the prototype of Clyzarid's Kyo clones. 

Jon Foon  
Similar to Kim with Kim's moves. 
His crecent slice kick and sandswipe kick are confirmed. 

Has a normal Psychoball, aerial Psychoball, and a Psychoball that bounces from the ground and flys diagonally. Seems to have a psycho Arrow, vertical and horizontally.  

Has long reach due to her whip. In one of her moves she pulls the opponent from a distance closeby, and grinds them with her heel. Has attacks with longer reach than Yamazaki. 

Kyo1(95) and Kyo2(98)  
The two edit characters, as reported. Likewise to KOF98 where two types of Kyo were present, the same is with KOF99. It is unclear if both can be used in a same team. It is not clear if there two are the real Kyo (read beneath). But, underneath the two character select icons of Kyo are the symbols of Kyo and Iori's clan (the marks on their costume's back). This may suggest hidden secrets in the game. 

Krizalid (Last Boss)  
The last Boss. Like Rugal from KOF94, Krizalid has two modes of fighting.  
Storywise, After the battle from KOF97 where Kyo Kusanagi has disappeared, krizalio kidnaps Kyo and makes Clones to prepare for world domination. Kyo himself had escaped from Krizalid's grasp since then. 


Iori Yagami 
So far not found active in the game but he is in the opening screen, which suggests.. 
In addition... (check "secret" under KOF99 Entree)  

More Beta Testing reports soon to come.