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-Done on 7/01/99-   
Extra Additional King Of Fighters 99 images    Copyright SNK, 1999

Special Thanks to ChaRles! of the PaoPao Cafe, the complete set of KOF99 character  illustrations done by SNK artist Shinkiro are now available.  In addition, a number ofgame screen images have also been provided graciously by  ChaRles!. 
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Screen Shots 
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1- Sketch of Real Kyo w/ color
Check  Here to check a beta tester's sketch of the hidden "real" Kyo, drawn with colour.
2- Model change during Beta Testing 
It has been reported that upgrades were made during the beta testings. Iori who was too fast has been balanced, Benimaru now has an illusion throw added while he still has lost his traditional electric special throws, and many additions in extra moves have been done to other characters as well.
3- Endings
Likewise to traditional KOF, players are rewarded with a storyline ending when using a teamto clear the game. By doing so, many of the mystiries in the new KOF storyline will be revealed, as like who Krizalid truely is, who K' is, and what relationship Whip has to both of them.