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Done on 6/28/99-    
Part 2 -KOF99 Beta Test Report    Copyright SNK, 1999
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For  the preliminary moves list, Check the Entree section for KOF99 
The following two are sketches of the last boss  Krizalid drawn by Gebe, who participated in the beta testing of KOF99 in Osaka Japan.  Please note however that the drawing is not picture perfect since it is drawn by memory, and the reporter assures that the real character looks a lot more cooler. 
Krizalid's Form 1- With coat 
Krizalid's Form 2- Without Coat 
Krizalid's Storyline to KOF99
 After KOF97's final battle with the Orochi had taken place, Krizalid had captured Kyo to create a series of Kyo  clones.While Kyo escaped from the grasp of Krizalio, Krizalid succeeded in creating the clones. In order to gain  more data to perfect the clones which will ultimately lead to his plans for world domination, Krizalid sends them to KOF tournaments all over the world.  
   While the nesesary data gets collected in good time by the clones during the tournament, the only data which remains to be collected is that to kill a human being. And so, Krizalid himself prepares to battle, and create the last bit of data himself.

Details on Krizalid
Krizalid is reported to be a dark skinned young fighter (resembling K' since he is the base of the clone bodies) and has a costume which resembles that of a Blue Vash De Stampede from Trigun. Likewise to Rugal from KOF94, batting with Krizalid has two steps- first with his coat on, and then with it off. 

Krizalid has immense attacking range in some of his moves. He has moves where he shoots out aerial slashes, a double hitting high flying projectile, and is reported to have other attacks which are similar to K'. 

Iori and Real Kyo in Game?  
There are Two roulettes in the character select screen both below the two Kyos. 
One has the symbol of Kyo's Clan (the sun) and the other has Iori's Caln mark (the Crecent). 
As Iori is seen in the opening screen and the voice actor's name is in the staff roll, it is positive that he is hidden in the game. 
Likewise, Kyo is seen in the opening screen with a new costume, suggesting that "a real version" of him too is also hidden in the game. 
Character Sprites 
The character sprites in KOF99 are not redrawn from scratch- rather, they are based on KOF98 with many minor modifications and additions. In example, Leona's basic stance motion is now different, and Mai's CD attack has been changed. 
There are no more points counted in the game, and a 4 digit ranking system which increases and decreases during the game substitutes its place.  
Power Meter 
The power meter stock is now located underneath the life bar on the top of the screen. The power meter does not continue to the next character. Striker stocks are located below on the screen- unlike the power stocks which are indicated by round dots, striker stocks are indicated by the letter "S". There are no longer helps when the player gets dizzy, or is in the middle of a multiple hit throw. 

The power meter builds up quite fast- 5 missing projectiles can fill up a meter. 

3 stocks of Pow needed to execute counter mode or armor mode. Once a mode is used, the power meter cannot be filled for a limited time ( approx 10 seconds) 
POW in low life and not ABC 
Although the exact details are unreported of, apparently the player cannot execute the POW like in KOF97 and 98's advanced mode by pressing ABC while holding a stock during the game. The player seems to go into MAX mode automatically when going low in energy meter in KOF99. 
Counter mode 
Lasts approximately 23 seconds 
Character shines red during counter mode. 
Attacks power up 
Dodge attacks can be canceled into combos 
Specials can be canceled inot DMs 
Unlimited DMs 
Dms come out with a lag 

Armor mode 
Lasts approximately 9 seconds 
Character shines yellow during Armor mode 
Dodge attacks have CD attack hit effect 
Hyper armor on character (ie: Goro & Ralf 's DM situation in KOF98) 
DMs unusable 
AB Roll no longer a "roll" but moreso sliding 
Characters no longer "roll" in a low position with the pressing of AB. They move in a standing position now much like Leona and Athena in KOF98. Thus so players no longer need to crouch to attack opponents which comes out of rolls. Also, the back-rolling now makes the player hop forward after moving back. During the rolls, the player can hit a button to dodge-attack. 
Apparently each striker has a number of different attacks. In example, Yuri may attack -which does damage to the opponent, or root- which heals the player. The striker only attacks once per being called, but will exit the screen without attacking if hit prior to their attack.  
VS CPU battle is 7 stages- 6 stages + Boss. There is a demo after the 5th and 6th stage. 

Likewise to KOF98, there is a continue service. 


Terry has a new move which loosk a bit like his Passing Sway from the Fatal Fury series. 
Terry's Power charge and power dunk are present. 
Mai's mussasabi attack has changed and now goes on top of the opponent. 
Yuri's forward + B is now a new kick. 
Mary's 2P color is silver hair and red costume. 
Kyo ver97's punch DM does not combo from a weak attack. 
Kim- his New DM (QCF x 2) is a heel drop. 
Whips DM is whip slashes. Whip also has a move where she sweeps the opponent from their feet with her whip, pulls them toward her and stomps on them with her heel.  
Kyo-ver 1 and Kyo-ver2 can be both placed in the same team. 
(After all they *are* clones of the real Kyo) 
Benimaru seems to have lost his Elec-trigger throw and lightning somersault. 
Terry's power wave now a projectile. 
Robert's projectile looks a bit like John Crawly's Mega-smash? 
So far some characters (Takuma, Terry, Yuri, Chang, etc) are confirmed to attack with DMs at times when called in as strikers. 
Mai's chest bounce is rumored to be even more aggressive than ever before. 
Terry's hair is detailed to move when even punching. 
Whip is said to have long range of attacks, but also long recovery time after attacks.  Definitely not a beginner's character. 
Like as always, the character balance seems to be questionable even as of the beta testing. Bao is reported to be rather strong while some other characters like Benimaru are throught to be weakened.