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-Done on 6/07/99-   
Additional Details on PSX Version Jojo's Venture Copyright Capcom, 1999

New Characters
Capcom released character news pertaining to the PSX version of Jojo's Bizzare Adventure / Jojo's Venture. The Announcement was made directly in the Weekly Jump, the magazine in which the manga series had taken place. 
In the PSX version of Jojo's Venture, the three hidden characters from the arcade version (Dio, Shadow Dio, Young Josef) are selectable from the default menu.  In addtion, one non-player character and three new characters have been revealed to be present in the game. The characters are Vanilla Ice, Anubis Polnaref, Hol Horse, and Mariah. 
Vanilla Ice and Cream
Vanilla Ice 
Previously a non-player Middle boss, Vanilla Ice and his Stand "Cream" is now useable as a player character, and thus so, additional moves has ben added for him. 
Posessed Polnaref -Click For full View
Polnaref Posessed by the Anubis Sword 
A different version of Polnaref. Posessed by the broken Anubis sword which previously took over Chaka's body, as Polnaref has his "Silver Chariot" stand ability, he can now attack with two swords- the stand's, and the broken sword. 
Hol Horse -Click For full View
Hol Horse 
One of the most popular characters in the original manga whose philosophy was "Better to be #2 than #1", Hol Horse always teamed up in the original manga. Likewise, in the game Hol Horse is to fight with a teamup another man: J.Guile, and his stand "Hanged man" who can attack from a mirror - although how this will be portyrayed is yet to be known. Hol Horse's stand is a handgun called "The Emperor".  
One of the few females in the game, Mariah's stand is a "magnetic force". In the original manga, her ability made opponents into human magnets, and were thus crushed by cars and other objects as their body attracted metals. How her ability will be depicted in the game is yet unknown, as fighting screens of Mariah is not yet available. 
Additional  characters from the default characters and  those mentioned above, are also to be in the game. 
Jojo's Venture is scheduled for release in August, price not yet scheduled.  

Additional Images 

VanillaIce1 | VanillaIce2 | VanillaIce3 | HolHorse1 | HolHorse2 | AnuPol1 AnuPol2