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-Done on 5/22/99-   
Toshinden Subaru Revelaled By Takara Copyright Takara & Tamsoft, 1999
Toshinden Subaru
Takara has announced their 4th sequel to the 3D fighter game "Toshinden". 

Toshinden Subaru Takes place 10 years after the last game, Toshinden 3.Thus all the characters in Toshinden Subaru are announced to be new 
Unlike the previous in the Toshinden series, Toshinden Subaru is now a 3-on-3 team match fight. At the current moment 2 teams have been revealed-  
Subaru Team -Clikc for Full Image
Subaru Team, from the Left: Naru (from Toshinden3) Subaru, and Rook. 
Puella Team -Click For Full Image
Puella Team, from the Left: Fen, Puella and Lancelot. 

As a change in the battle system, the player can select special attacks by holding to a direction of the controller, when executing the one-button special. The Overdrive meter can be stocked up to three meters, and depending on the level of the meter, do different super attacks and super counters.  
Special moves

Toshinden Subaru is scheduled for release in the Summer on the Playstation, priced at 5800 Yen. 
Toshinden Subaru is drawn by two image illustrators this time- Tsukasa Kotobuki, and Nakazenji Ray 

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