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-Done on 5/22/99-   
Additional Details and Images on BioHazard 3 Copyright Capcom, 1999
BioHazard 3
Capcom released detailed news and images on their scheduled game "BioHazard3 -Last Escape". 
BH3 takes place right after BioHazard 1 (and BH2 follows after BH3 in the storyline). The main character is Jil, who comes back from her STARS operation in BH1 and gets ready to travel to Eurpoe where the Umbrella coroporation -responsible for the virus outburst, is located.  
BioHazard 3 -Click for full view
However Jil gets kept hostage in Racoon City, infested by zombies. 
On her departure from the city, Jil gets severely bruised and loses her conciousness. Being rescued by a 21 year old man named Carlos, Jil  must now try to escape from the city again. 
Chaser... Shooting -Click for full view
Some of the evident changes since BH3 is the growth of Capcom's 3D technology, in such that the joints of the polygon texture is handled smoothly. Game wise, zombies can now climb staircases, no longer having the need to attack with spit. Another focus to the game is the new "Chaser" zombie, who is not only enduring ot attacks, but can dash, shoot granade launchers, and pick up the main character for physical attacks.  

Chaser vs Jil | Choke | Throw 

On ther player's side of the game, in addition to running and shooting zombies, the player can now "dodge" the attacks of zombies, and  use objects in the background for the action. Also, with the new system "Live action", what the player does will affect the game later on in  the storyline. 

A Familiar Location in Racoon City
In an interview of BioHazard's producer Shinji Mikami, the following points were revealed. 
Jil's residence is in Racoon City. Wondering what happened to her old town, Jil returns home and thus she becomes a victim of the affair  not while in duty, but as a civilian 
BH3 takes place mainly outside of buildings. However the setting is not all of Racoon City, but the centerof the city. 
The previous BH2 did not explain that whole occurance of the reguarding the city and the virus. Thus BH3 will paint the rest of the picture  to players. 
Jil's shooting speed and reload speed is increasingly highter than before. However, the same can be said for the movements of zombies.  Thus, the entertainment of shooting enemies can be enjoyed more in BH3.  
The reason of Jil being the main character is due to her (and Chrises') existance in the game's storyline being very important, but she will be  forgetten if she does not get used. 
BH3 has branched scenarios- that is, actions will result in a different storyline later in the game. Thus playing the game for the first and  second time will be different. Likewise, movie/FMV scenes will be shown on the basis of what the player did, instead of where the player is  within the storyline, like BH2 was. 
Staircases no longer creates a border
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